The Leatherwood Lace Collar...AtoZ Letter L

This morning as I was getting ready for 'Saturday Stitchin' with the BeeGals, the phone rang...it was Alma, "Sue, we've decided to have an impromptu 'SockIt ToMe KnitIn' today, so bring a Knit WIP and Knitted Sock Show and Tell."

I had a moment of panic over the thought of 'Sock Knit Show and Tell'.  Oh, well, I guess it will come out sooner or later.  I'll just matter of factly tell them, "I suffer from SSS".  I'm sure they will understand. 

I switched 'Mindset Gears' from quilting to knitting;  found my WIP Knitting Bag with the Always In Progress Homespun Shawl.  Dusted that off, and went to the cedar chest for my Great Grandmother Leatherwood's knitted Lace Collar.

Have I told ya'll about about my chair?  No? Well, now is as good a time as ever.  Yep, the folding chair is gone, and in it's place a slip covered, padded and adjustable chair.  The BeeGals fixed up an old office chair for me.  I really feel like one of them, sitting here....knitting, listening to their expert tips on 'ToeUp', Cuff Down, and Double Points versus Circular TwoAtATime sock knitting. 

Alma laid her 'Self Striping Sock' aside and announced, "Let's take a break, and when we come back, Sue will share her Work In Progress and her SockItToMe Show and Tell."  At that, everyone stood, stretched and headed for the break room....except me...I felt like heading to 'the head' and throwing up....SSS anxiety attack.

 I took a deep breath and began, "I'll start with my Show and Tell, which as you can see has nothing to do with socks. I'll explain why in a few minutes. I thought ya'll would enjoy seeing some Vintage Knitted Lace. This lace collar was knitted by my Great Grandmother Leatherwood.  That's her, second from the bottom."
I passed the box holding the Family Heirloom Lace Collar and the photo to my right, and continued my presentation.  "My Great Grandmother Leatherwood must have been a Master Knitter.  The story is that she knitted the Lace Collars for each of her sisters."
"As for me and 'Sock Knitting',
I am a Master SOCK YARN COLLECTOR who suffers from SSS."
Shocked Silence!!!  Then....Roaring Laughter....everyone except Diane!!!
"Ya'll are terrible, laughing like that, SSS sounds serious.  What the Hell is it?"

I put on my best 'Serious Face' and answered,
*"Second Sock Syndrome" 
*SSS...an abbreviation referring to the crippling and common knitters affliction known as Second Sock Syndrome.  95% of knitters suffer...99% live in fear...unable to knit the second sock.  SSS a repeating disease...spread from knitter to knitter...spread through Sock Yarn itself.  Not fatal...but can lead to a number of single hand-knitted socks.  (reference:  At Knits End...Meditations for Women who Knit Too Much by Stephanie Pearl McPhee...Storey Publishing 2005)

See ya tomorrow for Sunday Summary...Week Two 


  1. So funny! I kept wondering what SSS meant! I know my sister has spoken of that very syndrome. Love your post.

    Thanks so much for joining in this week, my friend.


  2. Ha! I love that!

    You tell such great stories. :) Happy weekend.

  3. Funny! I've never made socks but can see how starting all over again with a second one would be kind of daunting. Visiting from MHC.

  4. Oh, wow! I don't knit, but you had me rolling at the idea of all those single socks.

  5. Claudia...I'm so sorry to hear your sister is aflicted with SSS. I know you crochet so beware...SSS is genetic.

    Dana...Thanks, unfortunately THIS story is not fiction. I have a drawer full of mis-matched socks.

    Diane...my solution has been 'No Knitting of Twosies'...then I usually finish stuff.

    Barbara...actually after awhile of SSS it sorta paid off....Mis-Matched Socks came into Style. My GrandGals will now wear stuff I knit for them.

  6. Hi Sue, thank you for the smiles this morning. Oops it is afternoon already. SSS gave me a good laugh. It sounds like my attempts at quilting. Could you add a 'Q' somewhere?

    Enjoy your new chair, it sounds very comfy to me. I also love your great grandmother's knitted collar. I don't know the difference between knitting and crocheting. However, it is stunning to think one hands can create just beautiful work.

    We are getting ready for our 50th anniversary next Sat. My post is about the party plans. Busy like crazy as I plan what feels like a wedding. HA!
    Wishing you a wonderful week.
    xo, Jeanne

  7. Glad your having fun and friendship! Your GreatGrandmother's lace collar is beautiful..what a treasure

  8. Greetings human, Sue,

    Excellent and um darn it, I like your pawsting, sorry, posting. I have no need for socks, however my humans can never find the missing one.

    My human, Gary, the chap I so kindly allow to live with me, attended the "Comedy Knitting" workshop. Had him in stitches.

    Be well and happy alphabeting, human.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  9. Anonymous4/13/2013

    Thanks for visiting me. Love your blog. I've only made 3 pairs of socks so far and luckily I've not suffered from SSS yet....

  10. Haha! I loved that. As I was reading, I kept wondering, but thought surely I must know.

    LOL I wasn't even close!

    Great "L" post. :-)

  11. I have found a cure....knit them both at the same time. well, it works for me.

  12. Jeanne...Seeing your sweet face HERE always makes me smile. It's funny how something as simple as a chair can make you feel right at home. I'll be by to wish you a Happy 50th...Wow!

    Ann...Yes, the Lace Collar is a Treasure, and I love the photo.

    Klahanie...I'm having a SSS Anxiety Attack just thinking about making FOUR PawSocks. I'd be good for a Sweater, though. Want one?

    Lisa...Three PAIRS of socks...I think you are way past any SSS worries.

    Teresa...If you are a Knitter, you'd love Stephanie McPhee's books. She also has a Blog...The Yarn Harlot. I would never have been able to diagnose my SSS without Dr. Yarn Harlot.

    Deborah...Now, I'm not surprised to hear you use the Circular TwoAtATime Method for knitting socks....you're a Master Knitter. I'm a Master Collector.

  13. My first visit to your blog and you have me in stitches! (Excuse the pun!) Will be sure to visit again :)

    Visiting from the AtoZ challenge,
    Naomi @ Cornet Crafts

  14. Stopping by from A-Z. I don't knit. Or quilt. My aunt knits; my niece knits. My uncle quilts. None of these people are related to each other...just to me.

    But I do live in Texas!

    Good to meet you :)

  15. I'm sure it's a very serious infliction but SSS is just too darn funny! I think writers suffer from a similar disease - once a manuscript is finished, they're sure they will never be able to write another. I'm not aware of an appropriate acronym for it though. I will have to think of one.

  16. Funny! I just realized that I have FSS ~ First Sock Syndrome as I have yet to knit the first one.

    Big Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  17. Naomi...Thanks for your visit. After a quick visit to your Letter L, I see we are both into 'Stitches'. Thanks for leaving your 'Signature Link'.

    Carol...How nice that you have so many Un-related relatives that knit or quilt. Just goes to show you don't have to do either to appreciate them.

    Dawn...How about SBS Second Book Syndrome. It could be taken several ways, ya know?

    Susan and Bentley...I suffered that for awhile before my Master Sock Knitting Friend talked me out of it. I should have listened to my inner-knitter...SSS is much worse.

  18. I actually made two socks. They were beautiful. Variegated blue and white wool in a tube sock using four needles. It was daunting to start the second sock but I muddled through. Last time I went to put them on, I noticed that both of them had large holes. I couldn't imagine what happened to them but I set them on the bed and left the room. No long after that, the Cinnamon Cat came out of the bedroom, dragging one of them. She had chewed another hole. So much for the socks. Moral of the story, don't leave the socks someplace where the wool loving cat can get to them.

  19. I'm still knitting my first scarf so I'm nowhere near making socks but I'm sure I'll suffer from SSS also.


  20. That SSS is hilarious, even for a non-knitter. I'm envious of that lace collar. Oh - gooooorgeous!

  21. Hmmm... in Harry Potter, Dobby, the house elf, thinks that socks that match are incorrect. If you suffer from SSS, then, you can wear a different colored sock on each foot. It seems to be the rage now, with the younger set.

  22. Oh my! I was thinking Sue if you had a terrible case of SSS and ended up not making the second sock; wouldn't you just be saving yourself from the agony of losing it in the clothes dryer later? lol

  23. Hi Sue .. I love the lace .. but can't touch wool ... so I ssssssorta faded ...

    Cheers Hilary


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