UFO Retreat...AtoZ Letter U

Our president Alma, finished up the secret meeting with, "All in favor say Aye.  All opposed.  Okay, that's that then!  Remember, though, this is top secret and highly classified.  Flo must not have even an inkling of our plans.  Now let's get on with the layout." 

Espionage among needle whelding 'Blue Haired Old Ladies'.  Imagine that!  Gosh, this is going to be fun....a UFO Retreat.  Our plans were air tight and our only regret was that Flo would not be there to share in the fun.  It couldn't be helped, though, if her Friendship Fan Quilt was to remain a surprise. 
For the rest of the morning, Josephine and I quilted on her Texas Our Texas quilt.  As I stitched around the cabin, I thought about the UFO Retreat.  We were leaving first thing in the morning for Alma's cabin in the mountains.  This was going to be my first Retreat with the BeeGals, and I was pumped.  And the fact that my 'Signature Blocks' were not classified as UFO's but FO's ready to be pieced into Flo's UFO...well, that was icing on the cake.
Alma's van was packed tight with everything needed for a weekend in the mountains. She assured us we didn't need to take a quilting frame for Flo's UFO as she had one all set up at the cabin.

This was the perfect time of the year to take a trip to the Big Bend.  The Bluebonnets were blooming.  They were mixed among the Indian Paintbrush and other wildflowers along the roadside and in the basins of the mesas.  A perfect setting for finishing Flo's UFO.

We pulled up to the cabin, and much to our surprise, there was a car parked in the graveled drive.  We all piled out of the van, surrounded Alma and cautiously advanced to the cabin door.  Just as Alma was about to insert the key, the door was jerked open...

It was
Flo to Alma's HighFive
"TopSecret-Highly Classified...Good One!!!"
Flo to All
"Friendships are sewn...one stitch at a time."
"We'd better get to Stitchin' if were going to Finish my UFO"
"I Love You All"
Group Hug
UFO...In the Quilt World...UnFinished Object!!!
See Ya Tomorrow for the Letter V


  1. You my new friend have an amazing talent only matched by an amazing ability to tell a story :)!

  2. Ah, wonderful!

    And I agree with Jen. You tell a great story!

  3. Great story...who would have thought quilting could be so clandestine? :)

  4. Aw -- HA! Great surprise!

  5. I agree with Jen, too . What a great story . You had me going! UFO...

  6. Great story. I'll bet you had a marvelous weekend.
    Here in knitterland we use UFO too. We talented women share the same language however we choose to express ourselves with our hands and talents.

  7. Hi Sue .. wonderful story and I'd love to take the drive up through the mesa past the bluebonnets, the paint brushes and wild flowers - must be stunning ..

    Cheers Hilary

  8. An UFO retreat, who would have imagined that?


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