Emily's Embroidered Rose...AtoZ Letter E

Mmmmmm, the coffee's good this morning.  Starting my day with what I call coffee and my husband calls 'Sue'sSissy Brew'...that's lots of French Vanilla creamer, a tablespoon of hot chocolate mix and weak coffee...gives me time to think about what's ahead for the day.  It's also a time to reflect on yesterday....what an eye opener yesterday was at the LoneStar Bee.

OMG I thought I'd bust a gut, I laughed so hard I cried....we all did, even the Armadillo's.  Thankfully, Diane has a great sense of humor.  The perplexed "Whaaaaat???" look on her face after Grace said, "That's exactly what I meant", sent us into gales of laughter.  The only one able to speak through the tears long enough to make any sense was Josephine, "Diane, Dear....Grace's question was in reference to the 'Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern' not a 'Double Wedding' which, by the way, here in Texas we usually think of as two couples sharing one wedding without the double barrell shotgun.
The 'Light Bulb' look flashed across Diane's face and after she stopped laughing she said, "I knew that!!!"
Halfway through my second cup of 'SissyBrew' I started thinking about the block I was going to start quilting today.  If there is such a thing as a Quilting Goddess, please guide my #9 Fence Post to stitch teeney tiny stitches around Josephine's beautifully appliqued and embroidered Texas Yellow Rose.  Amen.  With that I rinsed my cup, grabbed my quilting gear and headed out the door.
I hurried up the steps of the Courthouse and into the Frame Chamber to find Josephine already at the Texas Frame threading up a dozen or so needles and lining them neatly along the edge of the frame. "Janie, I believe you are ready to stitch with a smaller needle, so I've readied these *Number 10 Betweens for today's stitching," Josephine said with a nod toward the row of threaded, knotted and waxed teeney tiny needles.  I pulled out my PitifulPad Folding Chair, looked to heaven and reminded the Quilt Goddess of my earlier request, and dismissed the name mistake....again. 
"This is a beautifully embroidered 'Blanket Stitch' around the rose petals, leaves and stems, Josephine", I said as I sunk the knot in the batting and began the first stitch.  "Did you piece this block?"  I fully expected to hear her say yes, and was surprised when she  answered in a voice that seemed transported to another time.
It was made by my Aunt Emily.  The yellow rose was her signature on every piece of needlework she ever stitched...she was my mentor.  As a child, I visited her often.  We would sit and sew on her wrap around porch that overlooked the 'Yellow Rose Garden' her famous grandmother and namesake planted after the The Battle of San Jacinto. 
My needle stopped in mid-air, "The Battle of San Jacinto!  What did that have to do with Emily's grandmother and Yellow Roses?"  Josephine finished her stitch, wrapped the thread around the #10 for a snug knot, and pulled it into the batting.  She carefully clipped the thread, leaned across the frame and whispered, "Aunt Emily's grandmother Emily was the legend behind the song, The Yellow Rose of Texas."
"Ooooh", I whispered back...wondering why we were whispering....we're the only ones here.
Okay, Sue, be cool...think...you're pretty good at Texas History and know about the Battle of San Jacinto.   The legend behind the Yellow Rose song?  What's that about?  Wow!  Wonder what skeletons are lurking in Josephine's closet, and why does she call me Janie?
*Quilting Betweens are short, sturdy needles that are designed for hand quilting.  Their short stature and small eye allow them to push easily through multiple layers of a quilt sandwich.  Their size is determined by their number...the bigger the number the smaller and shorter the needle with #12 being the largest and shortest.   Confused?  Click HERE for more on Hand Sewing Needles.
See Ya, tomorrow for Letter F...A Friendship Fan Quilt for Flo


  1. What a lovely block that is!

    I've never tried hand quilting yet, but I'd like to someday.

    ~ Rhonda Parrish

  2. I agree: it's beautiful! Love the vibrant yellows.

    Happy Friday. ☺

  3. That's a very pretty rose. And you remind me of my grandmother. She used to talk in whispers to my aunt although they were the only ones in a room. My grandfather used to say it was their "gossip" tone of voice.

  4. YOUR coffee reminds me of a co-workers.

    LOL she has about 1/4 cup ( VERY TALL CUP ) coffee from the machine and then the rest is creamer and sugar

  5. So you have a little coffee with your hot chocolate & creamer....is that so bad?!

    Thanks for the info on betweens. I don't know that I'll ever hand quilt but if ever I do I know what needle to use :)

    I didn't get this post read yesterday so I get to go right on to F today! Yea me!

  6. I remember learning the blanket stitch in Girl Scouts. It's certainly not the fanciest or most difficult, but it is serviceable. I actually like the look of the blanket stitch around the leaves in the yellow rose block. I also like the idea of a "signature" design applied to all quilts. Intriguing.


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