Rags to Riches...AtoZ Letter R

If the BeeGals take a day off it's usually on Saturday. It has something to do with the Senior Bus, Walmart Shopping Spree and Senior Center Bingo. I'm a few years away from needing those services, so here I am, by myself, in The Grand Jury Room picking out fabrics for Flo's Friendship Fan Blocks..

Completely engrossed in the stack of 1930's reproductions, I didn't hear Alma come in the room.  I near jumped out of my shoes when she said, "Sue, I have a restoration project for you."

After regaining my composure and picking the 30's Stack off the floor, I took one look at the so called project and said, "That looks like a Rag."  Holding it by the corners, Alma let the top drop to the floor revealing the falling apart seams, missing pieces, gapping holes, puckered piecing and one Petal Piece that sealed the deal for me.  Sure enough it was a RAG, "I'll do it if I can keep the Scraps and quilt it on *QuiltALottie."

With that she wadded up 'RaggedyAquarius', tossed it on the table and said, "Do what ever it takes to make at least a throw size quilt.  The man that brought it by said it was the last thing his Mother pieced and he hoped it could be saved.  I'll see ya later, it's nearly time for Bingo."

This is a TEST, I thought to myself.  It's an initiation...more like a hazing...look at this mess.  I do love that piece of Zodiac fabric, though.  I'm pretty sure I can salvedge a piece of that to add to my Aquarius Fabric Collection.  She did say, "Do whatever it takes".....I can do this.
After a good pressing, repairing and replacing of seams and pieces, rotary cutting into blocks and re-assembling, bordering, backing, *QuiltALottie quilting, and binding....I think I've passed the Test!
If nothing else...I've created a Rags to Riches Family Heirloom...at least that's what Mr. Bush said. 
As a Quilter/Quilt Appraiser, I'm often asked to repair/restore vintage quilts and quilt tops. 
Here are a few Guidelines I suggest to clients.
-Consider the sentimental attachment vs the historical/monetary value. 
(any changes/restoration affect the historical/monetary value for Collectors)
-Consider the condition, construction, skill level of piecing, and pattern. 
-Consider how the piece will be preserved, inherited, used or displayed.
-DoNOT throw it in the washer and dryer.  Your Rags to Riches will be reduced to RAGS.
*QuiltALottie...Another Modern Marvel


  1. Very nice! Quilts are beautiful, to be sure, but what I appreciate the most is the history so many of them hold.

    Have a great Saturday!

  2. Thanks Dana...I love it when clients bring me a quilt made by a family member. I can often fill in gaps in their family history by dating the fabric, naming the pattern and tell them something about that family member by how the quilt is constructed.

  3. I can see you did quite a good restoration job, Sue!

  4. Thanks Al....This one was challenging. I was really pleased that it could be saved. The memories it held were very special to Mr. Bush...not his real name, but I bet you knew that.

  5. "The Age of Aquarius..." We both are that. Nice quilt.

  6. A Fellow Waterbearer, huh Cheryl? I should have known...we have so much in common!!! Love It!!! BTW...a Mini Retreat is definately a GO when you are here again.

  7. Just beautiful Sue what an amazing job you did.
    I don't suppose you know anyone who does knitting repairs (is there such a thing? My afghan from my nana could use some work?

  8. Amazing transformation. Restoring is bringing back the past like genealogy! Knew you would be good at it.

  9. Jen...Thanks! It's very rewarding to be able to save a piece that means alot to someone. Sorry, I don't know a KnitFixer. Like your new Pic...pretty smile.

  10. Hi Ann....so good to see you here. Yes, it is like saving a piece of family history.

  11. Repairing a quilt takes a lot of skill. Looks like you did a beautiful job.

    Rinelle Grey

  12. quilts are so comfy and cute! love the quilts my sister inlaw made for my boys as babies and more out of favorite old tshirts.

    peoplewho make quilts have huge hearts!

  13. My goodness that is wonderful work!

    Wonderful in regards to your talent but also that this gentleman can still retain some cherished item of his mother due to you! :)

  14. It's good to know that something that appears to be nothing but rags CAN be preserved. The tips at the end of your story are important to keep in mind.

  15. I love the quilt! I have always wanted to learn quilting and maybe it's time I start.


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