Invitation to A Quilt Show....AtoZ Letter I

Is this your First Visit? If so, this Quilt Show may seem out of nowhere, when in fact it is a continuation of The Previous Letters H-A and the Posts/Stories of and about The Lone Star Quilting Bee. Please see the 'About My Theme'...under the header. Letters H-A are below.
Welcome everyone.  I'm Alma, and as President of the Courthouse Stitchers it is my
pleasure to welcome you to our Spring Fling Quilt Show. 
We are so thrilled to have the AtoZ April Challenge Participants here today.
I was told to point out to you that the show counts as the Letter I...whatever that means.
Sue, did I get that right?
Perfect, Alma...might mention the word Invitation starts with 'I'...just in case.
Thank you, Sue...she's new, ya know...this is her first show.
All righty then, if I can just find the right button on this cranky remote we'll start the show.
Irene, which button starts the Slide Show?
The one with the arrow!
Got it...Ya'll enjoy the show.
Wasn't that wonderful?  The ladies of the LoneStar Bees have been really busy.
We'll take a short Intermission...Oh, another 'I' word.
Bea, Dear, are the punch and cookies ready?
Yes, Alma!
Ya'll help yourselves.  We'll start Part 2 when your ready!
Well, folks that's our show.  Thanks so much for coming.
Please feel free to leave a comment in the box as you go out the door.
Oh, and be sure and cast your ballot for the 'Peoples Choice Award'.
Irene, am I leaving anything out?
Signature Link so's we can InviteEm' back...is all I can think of, Alma.
See ya tomorrow for the Letter J.


  1. Your quilts are beautiful! I also really love the way you set up this post. Very creative. ☺

    Happy Wednesday.

  2. There are some seriously beautiful quilts there!! Thanks for the invite! :)

  3. I was attracted to the blue and white squares in the first slide show. Next time, you should set it to music!


  4. Wow! Some of those are stunning!! I would like to have them decorating my dragon cave. Congratulations, you're very skilled. Thank you for the invitation! :D

  5. Gosh, you have some talented quilters down there! THANK YOU for the invite! Loved all of them!

  6. Those are beautiful quilts. They have a big show in a nearby town every year -- Sisters, OR.

  7. So beautiful ! thanks for sharing (())

  8. I am speechless (well not really!)at the beauty of each and every one of your quilts. WOW!

  9. Beautiful quilts. I always love the look of them, but have never had the patience to make anything more than simple ones myself.

    Rinelle Grey

  10. I loved the show. As I was looking at each quilt, I kept thinking "I'm going to comment on that one. No, that one. Oh that one's great - I'll comment on that." Now I can't remember. Suffice it to say LOVE!

    And Sue, using "I" for "Invitation" (and Intermission and Irene) is so clever - I need to channel me some Sue Cleverness for some upcoming letters myself.

  11. Hi Sue - I'd love to be able to do work like that .. I lack the patience ... completely! But your story line is fun ..

    Cheers Hilary

  12. As a quilter, I was prepared to pick a favorite from your quilt show but found myself drawn to all on different levels. They are all lovely.


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