Quilting Within The Framework of Protocol

The stars are aligned for brilliance today, Aquarian Sue...it's your time to shine.
It's as if you've tapped into some universal electrical current.
Unique ideas pop up out of nowhere, creative solutions bloom in your consciousness
and your genius knows no bounds - except of course, when it comes to
Rules and Regulations.
At that point, you seem to develop a bit of a blind spot.
But this is one of those times it's important to keep within the limits.
Take it as a creative challenge to figure out how to unleash your talents within
the Framework of Protocol.
Daily Horoscope for January 20, 2013
When the Stars bequeath you as an Aquarian with SCRAPS....make a Quilt from 'Outta NoWhere and
Let your Creative Genius Bloom!  Forget the Rules and Regulations!
And to hell with the Framework of Protocol....It's my Birthday!


  1. Well, the happiest of birthdays to you!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sue. I hope it's been fabulous!

  3. I hope you had a great day celebrating. All the best!

  4. HaPpY BiRThDaY to YOU! May your day be blessed and your year large.

  5. Thanks, Ya'll. I did have a Happy Birthday. Now I've got to go quilt the 'OuttaNoWhere' Wild Thang...which is actually the Aztec Bundle. It's the result of a bunch of 'Electrical Creative Senior Moments'. What can I say...Birthdays make one do crazy off the wall stuff.

  6. well always a day late and a few dollars short ... LOVE your bithday sentiments because most of my problems stem from not being able to follow the rules :)
    Beautiful as always (())

  7. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you Sue ! "The Wild Thang" is very cool. You make everything........groovy....

  8. Happy Birthday (a day late, sorry). Hope it was a great day!

  9. Oh I missed your special day! It looks like it was wonderful! Happy Birthday to a neat lady with a beautiful creative heart!


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