2013 SewAlong...Aztec Bundle and CS-MMb Genetics

Do these colors SIZZLE or what?  They are so hot they would melt popsickles in the freezer!
That is the main reason that SettingUp this Aztec Bundle is a good example of using
The Rules of Color, Scale and MM Balance
BTW...just in case you think I was born with this CS-MMb Gene...I wasn't...I LEARNED it!
You can too...Let's begin with The Layout!
Thanks to the excellent Herringbone Tutorial by Bijou Lovely,
 the layout for stitching the 2.5x11inch strips was easy to setup on the design wall and
 then transfer to the sewing table where I pieced 'One Strip Set' at a time.
CS-MMb Genetics Theory
Theory #1...Fabrics COLOR coordinate with Focus Fabric which is #5...click on pic to enlarge.
You would think that the focus fabric would be in the center slot #4, but when placed there it conflicted with the SCALE of #2,3 and 7...which leads to...
Theory #2...'The Rule of Three'...Small Medium Large
My thinking was #3=small...#2=medium...#5=large.  As it turned out that Sizzle Orange Strips color and scale visually demanded to be NumeroUno!
NO NO NO...that's not what I envision as being the FOCUS of this quilt.
So, I played it down by grouping it with it's Color Opposites on the Secondary Color Wheel while still connecting the group by repeating the oranges in 2 and 3 and the purple in 1 and 3.  HERE is an excellent and easy to apply Basic Color Wheel.
Theory #3...MatchyMatchy.  When you get the Scale Rule working and you have pulled colors that go with the Focus Fabric the MatchyMatchy comes into play with those fabrics that come off as solids put arent'...like #1, #4, #6 and #7.  If I can use a tone on tone or a small print that when you SQUINT at it, it looks like a solid...then I use it instead of a SOLID. 
Theory #4...Balance.  It's the tricky part and a matter of 'Making Choices' based on preferences about things being Symetrical or Asymetrical.  And believe it or not we...humans...have a 'BuiltIn' Sense of Balance'.  Most of us like everything veeeerrrrry Balanced...if it's on the right, we want it to be exactly the same on the left.  If the top is not like the bottom we FEEL that it's all wrong!  Then there are those who are comfortable with the UnBalanced...doesn't mean they are UnBalanced.  It just means they find a visual comfort level with Asymetrical Balance. 
To put it simply...it's complicated.  In this Sizzling Color Scale MatchyMatchy Balance Bundle, I have applied what I've LEARNED, but in the end if it makes me FEEL Queasy when I look at it, then for me it's....NOT RIGHT!  I guess what I'm saying is this...
When all else fails...GO with your GUT!!!
Now that's Genetics! 
Can you guess what type of Balancer I am?
Next post
Gutsy Layout.
Ya'll Come Back! 


  1. Thanks for all the great tips... I like your last one the best! :)

  2. I love these gorgeous colors!


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