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As I'm sitting here ripping out stitches, which doesn't require as much focus as the piecing done just yesterday when I was sure that this border was exactly the way I wanted it, anyway, as I'm ripping off all four multi-pieced, outer borders I'm contemplating how to introduce myself to the participants of the Curves Class. 

It's not that I don't have a Sewing/Quilting Story....I do, but it's a pretty long story and probably would bore them into ripping off the borders of a perfectly pieced quilt top just to keep from moving on to the next click here or their browser button for more stimulating quilt talk. 

That's one thing about interacting over the internet...when you've had enough of one thing there's  there's always that Button.  On the flip side...when you are really interested in something and want to meet like minded folks you need to wear a 'Thimble' to keep from getting a blister on your clickin'-stitchin' finger.  That's how I found out about The Curves Class and Rachels Stitched In Color website...clickin' around the Quilting www.  I love Rachels Sewing/Quilting Story....HERE.  I admire her ingeniuty, her 21st Century Tech Savy, and her love of sewing/quilting/needlework.   
Okay, I'm ready...here's a short version of my Sewing/Quilting Story. 
Once upon a time....just kidding...it's shorter than that...in fact with just one click you can read how I got started sewing....HERE.  I'll let you go there at your leisure and descretion, and I'll get on with the Quilting Story.
My first quilt was a rail fence, machine pieced and handquilted. In the late 1980's I decided to learn to quilt, and at the time I was teaching a watercolor class at the Senior Citizens Center.   Those sweet ladies loved being Seniors.  They took advantage of every class offered at the center from SkipBo to SkinnyDipping...just kidding...they wore Bikinis...under MuMu's.  After watercolor class, they went straight to the Quilting Bee room, took a spot around the suspended from the celling quilting frame and started stitching. 

"Oh No, honey, you're much too young to join the Senior Bee."
That was the answer I got when I asked if they would teach me how to quilt.   Well, to make a long story short, after I pointed out that if they were young enough to take FREE watercolor classes that surely I was old enough to be in the Bee....they agreed, and I was hooked.

One quilt led to another and ten years later  I was 'Old' enough and  retired enough to get really hooked on Quilting.  As it happens with retired Art Teachers, the love of creating and teaching led me to open Sue's Quilt Shop.  Yep, it was probably inevitable and there was no way the Gammill Longarm was going to fit in the spare bedroom/sewing room.  Anyway, it was my husbands brilliant idea when he said, "Looks like you have enough material to open a fabric store."  "What a great idea", I said, and for another ten years I lived a Quilters Dream.
Time flies when your having fun!  And flyby it did.  Here I am a few years later a Retired Quilt Shop Owner living in a new town with my retired husband and back in my Home Quilting Sewing Studio, and yes it has room for QuiltALottie (Longarm Gammill).  You can read about my Studio on this post.
Time still is flying by.  It seems like just yesterday, I decided to be a Blogger.  CollectInTexas Gal will have a Four Year BlogAversary this year...again..."Time Flies when your having FUN"! 
In 2013 my Blogging Focus is on Quilting....you can read about my
New Year Beginnings on this post
Image of Curves Class
The Curves Class starts on January14th. 
So, Howdy Ya'll from Texas
to the participants of
Rachels Stitched In Color Classes.
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  1. I've been tempted to ask if I could take some of the senior classes at my local rec center. I already walk with the seniors in the morning. LOL (I'm 39) I've actually started teaching my friends at church how to quilt, I've only been quilting a year so if they aske me about a technique I don't know I have to go home and learn it. That's why I made my postage stamp quilt, somebody wanted to make that instead of the quilt I had planned to teach, so I had to make one first. LOL

  2. Hey Sue

    Happy New Year my friend! 4 years?! Wow it does fly - I think that I've been with you the whole time:)


  3. Nice to meet you Sue! Enjoyed hearing your quilty journey. You've already accomplished so much. I'm honored you would decide to join us!

  4. It sounds like you've had a lot of pleasure from your quilting - lots of laughs too, I'll bet, as you sat and learned with those ladies!

  5. Your quilting is so lovely!


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