SpaceOdyssey Geekette Squad

 It's Official....I am now a HiTech Geekette Sewist. 
How GroovyNeatCoolAwesome is that?
(using ALL of my known Superlatives brings me 'Full Circle' from the 60's to now)
Back in the Day...the 60's...when I got my first Sewing Machine, the ZigZag Stitch WAS
the latest HiTech gadget to have, and I had it on my Heavy Metal Kenmore.
Back then the closest thing to what this Gal raised in PoDunk, Texas, knew about computers was
and that was soooo 'FarFetched' that....well....who knew that FortySomething Years later....
...that a H.A.Laptop would be an essential part of my Sewing Room...AND...
that it's YEARS past that 'FarFetched 2001'....how GNCA is that????
Wow, Sue, you've come along way, from your Mom's Singer Treadle to the Heavy Metal Kenmore
to now stitchin' on your Computerized Janome 6600. 
About now is when I usually say...'What will they think of next'...but I'll save that for later...
right now, I'm just AweStruck that I can actually 'DoThis 2013 Space Odyssey Sewing'.
Here's my TripleZipper Sewing Bag...result of 2013 Space Odyssey Sewing.
Thanks Deb for the PDF. 
 I don't know what PDF stands for, but it sure was fun 'Triple Zippin' Along with You!
I hope you don't mind if I add you as a member of my
SpaceOdyssey Geekette Squad!


  1. Wow - what an adventure! So glad you enjoyed the triple-zip trip!

  2. great zippy pouch. pdf mean portable document format. without all this hi-tech stuff we wouldn't have 'met' !

  3. I love the material you used! I'm going backwards in time and am learning how to use a treadle and a hand crank sewing machine! LOL

  4. I remember when Momma got her swanky Husqvarna Viking sewing machine complete with a boxful of cams. We envisioned a wardrobe full of fancy stitches. I don't think those cams saw much action.

  5. I am going to make one of those as soon as I get to the store for some zippers. It would make a perfect camera case.

  6. Cool!
    Always a treat to visit my sassy and crafty Sue here!


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