FinishAlong on WIP Wednesday

 As a Collector of Needlework, I am always on the look-out for OP-UFO's (OtherPeoplesUFO's).
I find them in Thrift Stores, Junktique Shops, Garage Sales and Estate Sales, and
when I find one...I can not leave it behind....like I don't have enough UFO's of my own.
Like this beautifully done, tiny stitched, cross stitch sampler....which I do not do...cross stitch.
Therefore, I have the greatest appreciation for those who will take the time and effort
to do such tiny stitches that I'm sure require an 8X's magnifying lamp and the patience of Job.
 With that said, my forte' is 'SueToThe Rescue'.  Yep, LOVE Finishing OPS...OtherPeoplesStarts!
So here is the Start of Finishing this LOVE CrossStitch Sampler.
Round one is RedRickRack precisly placed around the Red and Gold IttyBitty X's.
I know, my OCD is showing with this precision placement which I kept in place with
Roxanne's Glue Baste so I could 'TopStitch' the 'LoveQuip' inner border. 
I do LOVE the way this is working out. 
By next WIP Wednesday I hope to ADORE Round 2 and
possibly even get a SMILE for Round 3.
she can quilt


  1. That is beautiful and just in time for Valentine's Day.

  2. I "heart" your LOVE sampler. It was definitely worth saving!!! Glad you found it!!!

  3. "LOVE" it. Perfect for Valentine's Day.

  4. That's a fun little border you added. Good rescue!

  5. I admire stitch work, on pure merit of the time someone put into the piece. This is just OP-UFO is wonderful!

  6. Ok, I have a question for you, are you one of the 'stitchers' that stitched up scarves for all the cute statue animals in town? Loved that story in the Standard Times this morning. Cute!

  7. That looks perfect for Valentines Day!

  8. That is very beautiful work. Are these items sold anywhere?

  9. Another gorgeous display of hand crafted love! So sweet and lovely!


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