Favorite Stitching Bling and Fabric Jewels

 If ever there was such a thing as 'Stitching Bling'...I have it in this Bejeweled Miniature Sewing Machine Jewelry Box.
A very special and Favorite Thing...a gift from a very special and favorite person...my Sister.
 If ever there was a such a thing as Fabric Jewels...I have them, too.
They are called Batiks and Marbles and when pieced together they truly sparkle and shine like Jewels.
 I just finished this BeJeweled Table Runner. 
It was an Improv Curve Project in an Internet Class I'm taking with Rachel at Stitched in Color.
Improv means you Rotary Cut Freehand (without rulers) and stitch the curved pieces without pinning.
Kind of like 'Flying by the Seat of Your Pants'...I do that alot...so this was right up my Improv Alley.
I ImprovCut a basket full of strips then pieced them in pairs...then in fours and so on until I had four strips long enough for a Table Runner.  The real ImprovCuts came when Rachel said to overlap the strips and Freehand Cut two strips following the gentle curve made by piecing angled strips together.  Yikes...it was kinda scary even for an 'Experienced Pants Flyer'.  I loved it...can't wait to slice up some more strips to add to the leftovers and start again.  I see an Improv Curve Bed Quilt in my future.
I'm really lovin' this Jewel encrusted table runner. 
I'm thinking I need to  have it insured.
Afterall, there are at least a dozen Saphires, twenty Aquamarine,  ten or so Amethyst,
two dozen Rubies, lots of Citrine and I don't know how many Emeralds.
All....my Favorite Gem Stones.
Oh, and the backing and binding....rich as can be...don't you agree?
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  1. Love the jewel tones in that quilt!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. That's a precious little box and a beautiful table runner. I like the rubies.

  3. I love the colors and the design is very unique. Your sis has good tastes in gifts.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. What a beautiful jewelry box ! Sisters are the best aren't they!

  5. Goodness you and your sister are quite sweet! I really love all the beautiful jeweled colors and that jewelry box is divine! Good to see you here! Have a terrific weekend! Thinking you of a lot lately! I am way behind always visiting!Nick ran at Texas Tech last weekend and I was thinking of my Texas friends. I wish we could have been there with him!
    Always fun seeing your talent here!

    Hugs Anne

  6. Good Morning Sue, Ooooh, how exciting, cutting freehand. I shall have to try this as it must be very freeing....I wonder what designs I will arrive at.
    I adore your sewing machine box and yes it is definitely the most "blingy" sewing machine I have seen. You have a very thoughtful sister.
    I have found you via Claudia at Mockingbird Hill Cottage and I have enjoyed my visit so much I have become a follower.
    Lovely to meet you and I am sending you best wishes from England.

  7. I love the colors you have used in your quilt! Your jeweled sewing machine is very nice too!

  8. TREASURES! :)

    it's just lovely...the colors are so vibrant! And that little machine box....it's beautiful!

  9. The backing fabric is gorgeous as well :)


  10. that little sewing machine jewel box is amazing.

  11. What great colors for this time of year!

  12. Very pretty - lots of work went into that The sewing machine box is adorable. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Thanks for stopping by and nice comment. Will pass it along to daughter.

  13. Ta Da!!! is right. The sewing machine box is beautiful. I have never seen anything so perfect for you. You love to create by sewing the most gorgeous treasures.

    Your jeweled runner is stunning. I love the wavy beauty of the colors. Beautiful work to be proud of Sue.

    Happy creating.
    xo, Jeanne

  14. I've always been fond of batiks and jewel tones - your runner is gorgeous! And that jewelry box from your sister is beautiful. What a perfect present for you!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week.


  15. I adore your little bejeweled and bedazzled jewelry box! And your quilted runner looks fascinating so much fun. I'm not good at being precise so it sounds especially appealing.

    Happy week to you!

  16. Love that mini sewing machine and I love those jewels!


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