Curves Class APP?

Is there an APP for that? 
I've wanted to say that ever since I got my Smart Phone.
I don't think there is an APP for The Curves Class I'm taking, but I really don't need one...
I've got the Link on my Phone.
Yep, I'm feelin' very HiTech and WithIt this morning
I've got my coffee, I'm in my Jammies and I'm going to my Second Curves Class!
Seriously, this is 'Amazing' for an Old School Gal who's prep for classes in the past required:
*Shower, shampoo and legs shaved.
*Full on MakeUp and Hair Fixin'
*Dressed from Head to Toe
*Books, Bag, Pens, Paper etc.etc.
*Thirty minute drive to campus...another thirty finding a parking spot.
You get the picture...right? 
The Second Curves Project is a BIB.
I used scraps of flannel left over from Jammies.  I'm working with what's in my Stash!
One of my goals for 2013...UseIt or LoseIt.
Some details...PAW Button over the snap and HerringBONE decorative stitch!
Back of Bib...pieced with bias tape covering the seams.
Now who's going to use this Bib?
My youngest GrandGuy is now three...no way will he wear a Baby Thingy!
But he does love to eat with the fork and spoon that was his Daddy's.
That was Forty years ago, and Baby Bibs, Forks and Spoons haven't changed much.
But going to Class sure has!


  1. I made hubby a racing quilt full of curves for our 20th, 5 years ago. I pinned it really well, and it turned out great. I'd not done any curves before that (nor since, either). That quilt was pictured in a quilt book, showing alternate methods to use her template. Enjoy your pj's. I'm still in mine. I don't have to be anywhere till after 4pm, so, I'm not worried.

  2. Use it or lose it! I like that motto for 2013! I love my new smart phone too! MY son bought me a case that is black and white with pink butterflies! Ah...a boy,er... man who knows his mothers heart! I love the jammies! What good things you do with your fabric! No waste! Making sweet gifts! Love it!


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