FNSI...FlowerGarden Trip Trimmed-Bordered

 I picked cut flowers in this Flower Garden Trip and planted a lovely border all the way around.
I thought I could wait until the weather warmed up a bit, but when your clipper is sharpened...
there's no time like the present....or when it's Friday Night Sew In time.
 I had originally planned to add a few more petals to one end for a longer garden plot,
but my Seed Stash of matching pieces must have been used in another Scrappy Garden Quilt. 
On to Plan B....clipped off the tops ends and planted a border of tiny yellow daisies.
Lucky for me the Seed Stash had two yards of just the right matching fabric for backing.
It's all pressed and both pieces are in Lottie's Line.
 I started on this Garden Trip several years ago and have it as One of my
 FinishAlong Projects for the First Quarter which ends in April.
I think I will be able to have it quilted and bound by the April deadline,
so long as it doesn't get bumped back in *QuiltALottie's Line.
Grandmother's Flower Garden is one of my All Time Favorite Old Fashion Quilt Patterns.
Once I learned the technique of piecing YSeams, piecing the Hexagons together was easy.
I enjoyed piecing both by hand and on the machine. 
A helpful Tip...PRESS the Back after each round.
And...cut more HexieSeeds than you think you'll need...or...finish your planting in one season!
Handmade by Heidi she can quilt



  1. Wow! Love the little hexi's!!

  2. Your flower is lovely. My very first quilt project was with hexis. Did it all by hand. It was a diamond shape. Hangs on the bedroom wall in Ky. Have no idea why I chose the pattern but it does look good.

    Your border is perfect.

  3. I'm glad you found a technique that makes this pattern "easy." I'm afraid it would be a jumbled mess if I tried. I have several quilts done by my great aunt in this pattern, and I just marvel at how even and straight the hexagons are.


  4. I've seen quilts in this pattern though I never knew it was called Grandmother's Flower Garden.

  5. I had to pin this, thank you for sharing it!

  6. This is my kind of garden! Beautiful and weed free!


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