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Whoever said "Time flies when you're having fun", must have had a good handle on the concept of TIME.  To be able to distinguish and tag the subtle nuiances of time must take extrodinary concentration...not to mention TIME.  For example, the time one is at WORK...work can be, well work, and it can be fun...or not.  I could go on with other examples, but I'm sure you are already thinking, huh? and reaching for your mouse.

Don't touch that mouse!  I'm getting to the point...it's this..."Time flies...period."  Here it is the beginning of a new year, already the middle of the new years first month, and less than a week from my birthday.  I just had one of those...last year...I became a CardCarryin' Senior.  I remember it like it was yesterday, and that's saying alot...at my age...the remembering thing.  Funny how you can remember last year like it was yesterday and then ____...now where was I?  Oh yeah ...  I blogged about turning 65:
Turning sixty-five wasn't as tramatic as I thought it would be...more like a relief...I'm still here!  Funny how birthdays give one a sense of empowerment over time.  All kind of things pop into your head about the recent and not so recent past.  Last years Sixty-fiver reminiscing gave me the idea to create "BackInTheDay".  It's a 'Blogger Page' where posts are listed that have to do with....well...'The Good Ol Days' or like we say, when referencing those days..."Back in the day".  HERE is the intro to BackInTheDay and the list of posts.  Funny thing...one of my All Time Popular Posts is from BackInTheDay...The Age of Aquarius...Here's My Sign.
My favorite post from BackInThe Day is this one...I Was A Waitress...Back In The Day
Now, that is a perfect example of 'Time Flies" when life is rolled up into one word...LIVING!
While last year is still fresh on my mind, I want to mention what I feel like was my
 'Greatest Achievment of 2012' both in BlogLand and in HomeLand.
Rather than take the 'Time' to describe and extoll this YearLong Project, here are the Links that will give you an idea of how the
 'Times of the Distant Past'
 were brought to my Blogland...CollectInTexas Gal...and my HomeLand....Texas.
Two Posts that SumItUp
The name of this Blog really should be EcClectictInTexas Gal. 
In 2009-2010 CITexas Gal was all about everything from Art to Zippers Collections.
In 2011 HomeLand and Blogland were the focus with GF Cooking,
 Dishes/Tablescapping, Gardening and Family Life.
In 2012 the focus was on Genealogy and Tracks of My Texas Ancestors.

2013 has been declared as 'GetErDone' and UseIt or LoseIt' Year!
This is in reference to my Stashes of UFO's (UnFinished Objects) and Stashes of Fabric, Yarn and Stitchin' Stuff.
I'm off to a great start with Jumping Into January with Both SnapOn Feet and adding the
2013 Focus Post Label Gadget to my Sidebar for keeping track of 'Gettin'ErDone'.
At the end of the year...we'll see about the 'LoseIt' part...It is soooo hard to 'Part with Yardage'.
I know I HAVE what it takes to GetErDone as talked about in Hunting vs Piecing Flying Geese.
OMGosh...look at the Time...and I wanted to tell you about how
I got started Quilting and how it's never to late to teach an old dog new tricks.
Hello and Hello...My Name is Sue

One last thing...thank-you to all of the readers of CollectInTexas Gal.  You have enriched my Blogland and HomeLand in more ways than there is TIME to Tell.
When I see you as a Follower, Commenter or Visitor to CITexas Gal, I strive to Follow, Comment and Visit you.
I don't always 'GetErDone' as I'd like to, and I'm going to do better this year!
So, please, Ya'll, hang with me in 2013 TexasTime...it may FlyBy, but I guarantee it wil be a
FunTime at CollectInTexas Gal...period.


  1. Happy almost Birthday. My 'big one' (50)is only a few weeks away.

  2. Oh gosh, I just turned the "Big 5-0" last month. I didn't LOVE it, but it wasn't horrible. Thank goodness for cake and liquor that night! (0; I think 2012 had it's good moments; but some of it was a bit rough on me. I'm looking forward to better days coming in 2013, and I'm wishing them for you too, Sue! Best wishes to you and yours for a blessed and very Happy New Year! ((hugs)) ~tina

  3. I have to tell you that I've been following your blog for several weeks now. I found it by going to blog to blog to blog, you know how that goes. Anyway I had a Dr appointment in Angelo today and I was thinking about going to H to use my coupon and pick up fabric at 50 off. In thinking I remembered the card a lady gave me there that does longarm, and ding ding, it's you! I thought you looked familiar. I was going to go in and ask if you knew hi honey, but you weren't there today. :( So sorry I missed you.

  4. You go girls and get it all done!

  5. You are an amazing 6-5! Wow! You have such a blessed life! I never complain about birthdays!My oldest sister passed away at 62 from cancer so I am grateful each day I live even if my bones are brittle, my eyesight is weak and my back aches! I never cried over those milestone birthdays so far! I remember every birthday my dad would say what will you do when you are old like me? Well, I am old like him now and I plan to life as long as I can and enjoy the ride!
    God Bless You Sue, you are a real doll!


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