Clam Quilt Chowder...Curves Class Recipe

Soups On, Ya'll...Clam Quilt Chowder Soup that is....and I didn't even have to 'Dig the Clams'.
Which is certainly a good thing since Clamshell's are hard to find here in West Texas.
Lucky me to be taking Rachel's Curves Class
Yep, I 'Downloaded' instead of 'DugUp' the Clam Pattern.
 The Clamshell project designed by Rachel is a Pillow Cover, but I've tapped into one of my
 Aquarian Birthday Horoscope's Blooming Creative Solutions
and adapted the Pillow Cover into a slightly different Cover...to be revealed later.
Rachel suggested fusing the clams with fusible web or a fabric glue stick to hold
them in place while you are stitching them.
I used Roxanne's Glue Baste-It....love this stuff....a dot or two is all it takes...heat set then stitch!
No fuss...No Mess...No Sticky Needle...No Worries!!!  
Here's my Clamshell LineUp!
Time to Go Clamming....I mean Stitching!

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  1. Oh, goodness you spend so much time being creative I feel like a slug! This is sweet!


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