Clam CoverUp...Curves Class Project

CoverUp...What a versatile word, and one that relates to a variety of situations/events/objects.
These days we are all familiar with the 'Scandalous CoverUps' in the news.
Then there are the SwimSuit CoverUps that don't really CoverUp much, and could be viewed as Scandalous.
I personally am part of the CoverGirl CoverUp.
Oh, and I absolutely am on board with all the Warm CoverUps like sweaters, scarves, and shawls.
Even Victoria's Secret claims to have a corner on the market of CoverUps....again...not much covered there.
Back in the 1980's there was a TV Series called CoverUp starring Jennifer O'Neill.
Of course there is a book entitled 'CoverUp'...noticed it on Amazon.
And not to be left out of the CoverUp Craze is a company called CoverUP that lets you
Personalize Your Gadget CoverUps...iPhone, iPad, Galaxys, and more.
Here's my GADGET that needed a CoverUp.
It's my Funky Shaped Janome Embroidery Machine...narrow at the back and wide in the front.
To cover it with the hard cover that came with it, I have to UnPlug the cord and pedal, remove the USB Gadget,
take down the Multiple Thread Holder Thingy...you get the picture.
Now She's Covered and happy as a Clam..or at least I am.
A perfect solution to the Funky Shape...A Fold To Fit Sewing Machine Cover!
Everything still pluged in and ready to go, yet covered and protected from dust, lint and other sewing room flying objects.
The Clam CoverUp is made from a LongArm Pattern Sampler made years ago for customers to see how a pattern would look stitched on their quilt top.  I have lots of these samplers, and it was just the right size to stitch the clamshells to.  The Stitchin' Fabrics are from my Sewing-Quilting Theme Stash, and the Clamshell pattern from Rachels Curves Class.
Don't you just 'Heart' the Sewing Machine Pin?
It's the Perfect Ending for the ClamCoverUp!
Threading My Way_Featured
The Clam Coverup Featured HERE
Thanks Pam!


  1. What a smart solution! I like how you crafted today's blog post - so clever.

  2. You are so funny about the cover ups! I really like your sewing machine cover. I want to make one, too, so I can leave my machine out all the time and so it won't get too dusty. And the pin is precious. Oh yeah, those curves are very impressive!

  3. A 're-purposed' cover up. Great job!

  4. What a great solution!!! The sewing machine cover looks fabulous with the layered circles and yes, I do like the sewing machine pin.

  5. You are a clever lil lady! What a pretty picture this is with your cool cover up!

  6. Hi Sue, I've featured your Sewing Machine Cover today... Threading Your Way ~ Features

  7. I really like your sewing machine cover. I have adapted the plastic covers that bedspreads come in and have used them to keep dust off of my machines during long periods of not sewing. It would be really nice to put a quick cover over it daily just to help keep it a bit cleaner.


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