"Do's and Don'ts At Lola's"

DO DROP In ... at Lola's in Buffalo Gap, Texas.

DON'T Just Walk In and expect Special Service....DO read the HOUSE RULES!!!!
DO follow Rule #10 to Order!
DO Clean Your Plate!
DON'T wait for the WAITRESS to refill your tea or bring your ticket!
DON'T Go Out The DOOR without following Rule #10 to pay the Ticket you DIDN'T get...
...Lola DOESN'T forget what she fixed for you!
DO Shut The DOOR.....Ya'll Come Back!!!

PS....Jenny, I thought you'd probably like this sign. Lola won't mind if you copy!
PPS...Did you know that the phrase 'Do It Yourself' has been around since the 1950's. Personally, I think my Mama coined this phrase...I heard it often growing up!!!! Thanks Mama!!!
As Always Thanks Beverly
Making Saturday Pink!!!


Jenny said...

That's really cute. I am from Texas and haven't been there. Will have to find it when I'm back home. xo Jenny S.

Wendy said...

Looks like a colorful place -- in every sense of the word!

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Sue, Surprise, we are in Houston Texas to visit our grandson. We have been on vacation for over a week and I finally have some time this morning to visit my favorite bloggers. That would be you. I am sorry it has bee soooo long since I came to see you.

I like your D post and wish I could go there. Your do's and don't's gave me a good chuckle. I bet the food is delicious and I love the homey attitude.

I am now going to catch up on your posts I have missed. Have a happy day my friend.
Love, Jeanne

Cathy Kennedy said...

I've never been to Texas, but I love Mexican or Southwestern foods. Yum, I've been wanting this for a long time and boy! Your post has pushed me over the edge!!! lol

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Jo said...

that looks like a fun little place! i love the rules ... i bet most people feel right at home there!

SarahBeth said...

My in-laws used to live in Abilene -- I don't remember going to Lola's but sure wish we had! We might have to make a special trip from Ft Worth to find Miss Lola : )
I love that reassuring sign "Many have ate here... few have died"
Good to know!

Ames said...

Now this looks like my kind of place to eat. I'm not into fancy smancy places anyway. Wish you could show pics of the attached buildings too. Looks like an old town.~Ames

blushing rose said...

Hubby would LOVE this place!
Have a wonderful day, my friend

mrs. c said...

Oh my stars, what a fun place to eat and visit! I love this kind of quaint eatery and will put it on our list when we go traveling. Thanks for sharing

Esther Joy said...

That's what I'm trying to teach my grandkids - learn to do it yourself!

Visits With Mary said...

I'm gonna plan a trip to Buffalo Gap just to visit Lola's !!

Marianne (Mare) Baker Ball said...

These are a hoot! Love the old door and the vintage look of everything!

storybeader said...

very cute. Sounds like home to me! {:-D

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Hey you can get the very same service at my house !
thanks for the laughs (())

Think Positive, Be Positive said...


I'm trying to visit all the participants of the 2012 A to Z Challenge and I have arrived at your lovely blog. Good luck with the rest of the year!

Donna L Martin

Chubskulit Rose said...

You have a beautiful entry this week.

Happy Pink Saturday. Come and take a peek at my PINK when you get a chance. Enjoy Father's Day!

The Poet said...

Haha! What a fun place and post. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

Your Divine Secrets

anitamombanita said...

my kinda place!!

Jenny said...

What a cute, cute sign! I love that crackle finish, too!

This whole place looks delightful. I bet the food is spectacular!

That door makes me drool with desire. I'd like to tote that baby home for sure!

Thanks for sharing this fun place with us! I'll have to add this to my list of things to do in Texas!

Thank you!


Annesphamily said...

Oh that maid sign is priceless! I also tell my kids "I am sure history can tell you, Lincoln did free the slaves!"

I love the house rules

Hugs Anne


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