Catching Fire Crochet

When I saw this Shawl/Cowl/Wrap on Pinterest, I was immediately drawn to it's asymmetrical design and the semi fitted sleeve.  The fact that it is a crochet pattern with just the cowl knitted made it an even better fit for me and my time frame since I crochet much faster than I knit.

Now what I hadn't a clue about was the inspiration for this pattern.  Who are what is Katniss?  Gosh, I hope it's not some sort of foreign made yarn that I can't substitute something I have in my stash. 

As I read over the materials, I realized it was not a 'Strange String'.  The pattern called for any worsted weight or bulky weight and a size 'N' needle.  Got that!  I've been saving this gorgeous deep red  'Marble' forever.  I think it will be perfect.

Still no clue about Katniss!  Finally, I went back to Pinterest and browsed the board from which I had pinned this wrap. 
Meet Katniss EverDeen wearing her Katniss Wrap Shield. 
It's Catching Fire Fashion...and I mean it's really catching on fire in the Fashion World.
Take a look and read about it on Fashion Tribes.com
I am so not with the Hunger Games movies, although I did see the first one
 and promptly forgot it.
Now that I am up on the inspiration for this pattern.  I decided it would be the perfect gift for my grandgal for Christmas.  The pattern is easy and with the size 'N' hook it works up quick.   I changed yarn from deep red to a combination of greens and threw in a few rounds of different stitches.  Mostly for more texture, but also to keep from getting soooo bored with row after row of double crochet. 
 Guess I'd better catch up on the Hungry Hunger Games movies!
Who knew crochet would Catch On Fire Fashion!


Cranberry Morning said...

I LOVE this, visited the sites with photos, and want to make it. So cute!

Wendy said...

Very cool (or very cowl). I like the colors you chose. Looking at the various versions on the websites you linked, I think it's interesting how different the wrap can be according to the yarn chosen.

Joanne said...

great rich color. You have Caught Fire


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