October...First Saturday Booth Album


  1. How did it go? It's all lovely! Did it take 100 years to pack up? xo

    1. It was a Good Day...still lots of Lookers...some sales! I can always tell the other crafter/quilter/jewelry maker Lookers...they say things like..."Oh! What a great idea" and then whisper to each other..."We can make this". LOL!!! It does take a good bit of time to pack it to go, load, unload, set up, take down, load and unload again. Thank-goodness I have HiHoney to help!

  2. lovely booth pics on a perfect Saturday. The weather was fantastic. Your booth looks quite enticing.

  3. Your booth looks wonderful. So much great stuff, and all of it put together in such a beautiful display. I wish you many future sales :-)


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