Lost My Hippity Hoppity Mind

Is it true what they say about 'Bunnies'...they multiply faster than a speeding ticket?  I started over a month ago making bunnies for Family 2nd Saturday at The Chicken Farm Art Center.  At Sue's Fiber&Fabric Studio the kids activity is going to be 'Stuff A Bunny'.  Kids will get a flat stitched bunny...like the one under the machine...with an opening for stuffing.  I'll stitch up the opening and they will bow their bunny and attach a hanger. 
Cute as they are and as much fun as they will be for the kids....I think I've lost my hippity hoppity mind!  I already have a basket full ready to stuff...thinking I was good to go!  Ah NO...I found out today that basketful will not make the hunt when the hoard of kids come hopping down the Bunny Trail to Sue's Bunny Stuffing.  Seems last Family 2nd Saturday...which I missed...was a huge success and everyone that came can hardly wait for Bunny Hop! 
Yikes...makin' more bunnies...I may jump down a rabbit hole!


  1. Anonymous3/18/2017

    Your bunnies are adorable - cute fabric, too!

  2. What a great idea for a family activity. I hope you grab a minute to take pictures of kids at work.


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