Ending My 'Hankering for Hankies'

I started collecting hanky's long after they were considered a necessity for moping worker's sweaty brows,  snotty nosed kids and other yuck uses.  Which, by the way, contributed to the demise of the hanky and the invention of disposable tissues.   Why, at one point in hanky history it compared to the 'Smart Phone' of today....no one would think of leaving the house without one.

Handkerchiefs have been around since ancient times, and through out time have had many uses and purposes.  I tend to covet the idea of Romancing The Hanky.

Queen Elizabeth made the hanky fashionable in court.  When she flicked her hanky over her shoulder, it meant "I'm tired of entertaining you people....you may leave...now."

Victorian women gave the hanky a flirty use by dropping their hanky at a gentleman's feet to say "I'd like to meet you".  Then she would lightly swipe her hanky across her cheek suggesting something more intimate..."I love you."

 Hanky collectors often separate their hanky's into categories that reflect their era and theme.  Hanky's are an ideal collectible as they are inexpensive, useful, take up very little space to store and are pretty.  They make a nostalgic and sentimental gift for Valentines, Mother's Day and Birthday's....especially to another collector.

 The time has come for ending my 'Hankering for Hankies'.
I have discovered there are very few folk these days who
hanker for hankies as collectibles.
Oddly enough they hanker for them as something 'Useful'...
like, curtains, pillows, quilts, and hopefully
One of A Kind Scarves
OverDoSue of TaDa Eclections.


  1. Hi Sue - I still use them?! Hate tissues .. but then as I don't have kids or a hubby any more - perhaps I might have changed my mind ...

    They do make good showcases though .. flimsy I can see .. but fun as display items ...

    Though collecting them I agree and think not .. cheers Hilary

    1. Good for you Hilary. I use them, too....just not for noses anymore. You are right...some are more flimsy than others. Those are ones that make for a fashion statement.

  2. Are you heading for a minimalist lifestyle? You're beginning to scare me with all this reduction. Anyhoooo, my sister gave me a hankie one year that has a pretty blue "W" embroidered on it. I display it in a pretty bowl with my mother's dressy grey gloves.

    1. What a hoot...me a minimalist...in my nightmares! Hankies are a thoughtful gift especially when they can be displayed with 'Family Heirlooms'.

      Your comment has been further replied to in a post. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I remember my grandmother using them, and my father did too. I loved to iron the squares. But that was as a kid. Forget ironing, forget hankies. Indeed - I don't see them making a comeback....but never say never. They do look cool on your displays

    1. I too have Grandmother Hanky Memories. I think that is why I started collecting them. I only iron them when they are about to be used in a project. I always like ironing squares and rectangles like pillow cases and hanky's. They have made a comeback as many different décor and craft items.


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