Multi-Tasking and Tatting

As often as I admonish myself for having one or more...no, make that a dozen or more...projects going at one time, in the end, I realize that it is just the way 'I Do'...'I Roll'...'I Work'...best!   Now that I am a Senior Mult-Tasker, I am reading and seeing that it is a 'Good Thing' for one's 'Aging Brain'. 

For awhile now, my Studio has reflected the multi-tasking phases of my '4R's Bucket List.  There is the Jewelry 4R Phase I Station,  the Yarn-A-Rama Phase II Station, and the Phase III All-In Fiber Station.  That one pretty much includes fabric, buttons, beads, threads, yarns, ribbon, lace et. all. 

While working on the Las Cruces Angels...which has been a 'one of a kind' sort of assembly line production...I have learned to TAT. 

It was one of those spur of the moment things suggested by my friend Sandy at Sims Fiber Arts Studio while we were 'Sitting and Sewing' on Thursday.  Needle Tatting has been on my 'Learn To Do' list for a long time, and Sandy teaches it as a class in her Studio.

Just what I need...right...another 'Thing' that has the possibility of becoming the next 'OverDoSue' Thingy.

In between Angels, Hankies, Granny Square Tote and Vintage Linen Totes I have learned the Ring and Thread Method and the Ring and Chain Method. Teacher Sandy, and the book encourage developing your needle-tatting skills before beginning a patterned project.

Hmmmm...here's where I have a bit of a problem. I never was much good at practice....I am more of a 'Game Gal'. Guess you know what that means.....another Project to add to my Multi-Tasking List.

It will be a great 'Carry It Along' Thingy to work on while traveling, waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting in waiting rooms, and of course 'Thursday's Sit and Sew' at Sandy's Studio.  I have the special needles and other tools organized in a snap closure wallet.  The 'Tatting Wallet', Learn To Needle Tat Booklet and Sandy's Folder along with a Ball of thread all fit in small easy to grab and go bag.  Let the Tatting Times Roll.
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LV said...

That is a great "carry-it-along". You are very talented.

Sue McPeak said...

Thank-you LV. With all my multi-T's, I am never bored.

Pom Pom said...

I knew a lady who tatted (when I was in high school) and her creations were pretty! You can do everything, Sue!

Sue McPeak said...

My grandmother had hankies with tatting and I always thought them so pretty. It seems I keep trying to do all the things on my list, anyhow!

bj said...

I've always loved tatting...never learned to do it, tho.
Happy Pinks

Sue McPeak said...

I was surprised at how easy needle tatting was to catch on to. I think years of crocheting helped...there are similar skills and threads. You should give it a try.

Jeanne said...

Hi Sue, Tatting? It is almost a lost art. Kudos for you. You are doing a good job too/ I totally love tatting but I am definitely not a needle person. Someone has to carry the torch and you are the perfect choice.

xo, Jeanne

Sue McPeak said...

So many of the needle arts are on the verge of being lost, so I am happy to 'keep calm and carry on'. Actually, there has been a resurgence of the Fiber Arts with the advent of Pinterest ...especially knit, crochet and weaving. I'm glad.


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