Las Cruces Angels...'Usado'...At Last

These handcrafted paper mache  angels have been in and out of the storage box so many times over the last 20 years, that I have lost count.

Aren't they wonderful?  Obviously, I thought so!  So much so, that every time I think I have just the right project for them, I can't bring myself to  use them. 

They are each one hand made, hand painted and glazed.  I bought them in a little shop in Las Cruces, New Mexico.  I have FIVE of them.  I have hoarded them long enough, and today is the day to 'usalo o pierdelo'...use it or lose it.

To the bead, button, lace, and catch all bins I went, and gathered up this and that and a stack of Aida Cloth...counted cross stitch fabric.  Another 'don't know what to do with it' stash...I don't do counted cross stitch.  After trying this and that and counting cross stitch threads to make fringe, I think I have made a project worthy of the Las Cruces Angels.
Ole'...At Last!


  1. This is why YOU are Redo Sue and I'm not. I would have simply added a fancy hook and put it on my Christmas tree. The colors you selected are perfect. I can see this necklace with a simple linen outfit, something Bohemian or Southwestern.

    1. Yay....that was just the look I was hoping for. I was tempted to hook and hang them, but felt they needed a more. Still made to hook and hang...just around the neck instead of on the tree.

  2. you do have a great eye for new creations. Those are truly nifty. Very nice work

    1. Thanks, Joanne. It is always fun to take someone else's hand made creations and take them to the next level. Inspiration, ya know!


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