First Saturday Booth...It was SoooPINK

"Love your booth...it is so inviting".
"How fun is this booth...so Girlie."
"Really, you are giving away these too cute Thank You bags".
Absolutely...I so appreciate your purchase....one can never overdo Thank You!
It was a fun day at The Chicken Farm Art Center First Saturday Event.
I learned a lot about Setting Up A Booth and what Shoppers are looking for!
This month they were LOOKING for IDEAS for Christmas gifts!
Modella was a hit!
Displays were a hit.
"Is this 'Display Lamp' for 'Sale'?
"I would love to have my jewelry out on my dresser like this".
Guess what I'm making for the October First Saturday?


  1. Look at you go! I'm so glad it was successful! I bet everyone enjoyed visiting with you, good Sue!

    1. It was a good day all around. Made some good contacts and advertised for the next month and the coming Christmas shopping dates at the Chicken Farm.

  2. pink!!!! very fun and your goodies shall brighten some folks' Christmas morning.

    1. I did have a few shoppers that were gift buying. If they are like me...they probably can't wait til Christmas to give.

  3. Hmm, what does that mean, Sue? "They were LOOKING FOR IDEAS." Usually when I'm looking for ideas, I'm not buying. I hope those Texan shoppers had their money out.

    1. Not too many buyers this month...lots of lookers though with the promise of "I'll be baaaack". We'll see. Texans are pretty big bargin shoppers these days...even with the 'Oil Boom' salaries. Everyone is recovering from back to school shopping. Hopefully next month and November will be 'Christmas Boom' time.

  4. Hi Sue - they must have been so cheered to see your oh so PINK booth .. but it looks just so wonderful .. and if they were looking for ideas - I reckon they'll be back ...

    Christmas goodies you'll be working on ... and Thanksgiving goodies too ...

    Enjoy - cheers Hilary

    1. I reckon so, too, Hilary. Just wait til they see the next PINK THINGS in October. Wow, I'd better get busy....it's only a few weeks away.


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