The Cost of Campin'

I'm such a Lucky Lady! 
 Yep, with my new PINK LadyFish Fishin' Rod I considered myself  the Luckiest LadyFishin' on Lake Ballinger.
However, when it comes to Fishin' with a Pink Rod, Luck has nothin' to do with catchin' FISH!

It's all about the BAIT!
*GlowGreen Worms....$3.95
*Box of Gross Shrimp....$2.95
*Bag of Stink Bait........$2.75
*Can of Corn...............$0.68
It's all about the SPOT!
*Campin Fee.......$10.00 per day
*Two days-TwoSpots.....$40.00
It's all about the GEAR!
*Pink LadyFish Rod......$14.79
*Two new Bobbers.......$  1.29
It's all about the CampCookin'
HiHoney's new Grill........$40.00
HotDogs and Burgers
Chips and Salsa
Drinks and Snacks
Total Walmart Groceries...$84.00

It's All About Family......Cost of a Weekend Camping with the Ones You Love....

As Always...Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound
For making Saturdays Pink!
I'm gone again, Ya'll....I'll catch up with visiting when I get back!
Until then....Happy Pink Saturday to All You Pinkies!
Have a Great Weekend and Good Luck if You're goin' Fishin!
Oh yeah, I forgot...It's Not About Luck...
It's really about those GlowGreen Worms!
Getcha Some! 

They worked for my GrandGal!
She wouldn't touch the Worms or the Fish she caught with a 10 foot Pink Pole!

PS....Remember My Friend Susan-B...she assisted in a Pink Saturday Post last month!

Well, Ya'll have got to see the SOCKS she has KNITTED. Not just ONE PAIR, but TWO PAIRS in the...
 Simply Sock Yarn Company Summer of Color Contest

...and she NEEDS YOUR VOTE!!!

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You will see the SOCKS and get Instructions on where and how to VOTE!


  1. Good Morning Sue Sweetie...
    I have got to tell you I so love your new pink fishing rod. My Moma hates to fish, but maybe if I bought her a pink rod she would go fishing with Daddy and have a great time. Ya think? I sure would.

    Love those glow worms, aren't they the best. Looks like you are having a great time. There is such a peaceful calm on the water when you are fishing early in the morning. So beautiful and serene. Thank you for sharing sweetie.

    Have a great time fishin. You go girl.

    Love ya, Sherry

  2. Anonymous7/29/2010

    IF I were a fisher gal I would soooo be wanting that pink fishing rod.


  3. Maaaaaan, did you start my day with a chuckle, chick!!! I agree with your grandgal. I would touch the bait, pole OR fish. Unless of course it was on the ice in the meat section of Albertsons. I love fish but cannot stand to fish for them with all you have to endure, sugar. Yuuuuck!!!!
    Connie ;-)

  4. Oh Sue, this looks like SO-ooo much FUN!! I've been wanting to go camping all summer, but I don't know if it's gonna happen this year. Dear Daughter is busy with Grad School courses right now, new camping gear is needed (for one, a decent sized tent- we outgrew our old one!) Oh well, maybe we can take advantage of clearance sales sometime later from now, and then make plans for next year... LOVE your new fishing rod!.. Not that I DO a LOT of fishing, but I didn't know you could use CORN as bait!!! Is that just for certain KINDS of fish?? Oh I could definitely handle sticking that onto a hook FAR better than handling and brutally stabbing live worms!!! (0; Glad to see you all (or y'all!) having a great time! ~tina

  5. Wow...very impressive! I know you will catch tons of fish. One of my biggest regrets is not going fishing more with my Grandfather. He loved to fish and I am not a fan. I wish I had seen past the worms and smell and just enjoyed his company more. Have fun and ENJOY!

  6. love your pink fishing pole..so cool..found you on Texas bloggin gals...hubby and I fish alot on the Trinity River....lots of fun...don't eat the fish though....throw them back....

  7. Anonymous7/29/2010

    ConnieMarie said: Looks like a fun family week-end...and yes PRICELESS!. So funny...the picture of fisher gal not wanting to touch the fish...it was a big un...
    hugs to all.

  8. What a great and fun post,,, I so agree with you,,, time spent with family,,, Priceless.... love all the photos,, and the Pink ladyfishen poll... so cute.. I want one.....


  9. Thanks for the shout out about the sock voting!!
    You're the best!

  10. Hi Sue! The fishing photos are so sweet! I'll have to go over and vote for Susan B!

  11. Hi there Sue, love the pink fishing pole and what a wonderful family time you had! thank you for sharing!

    Have a blessed weekend!

    hugs, Barb

  12. Assure yourself, Sue, I wouldn't even be camping muchless fishing ... love the pinks, tho. It is obvious you all are having a grand time. Love the outdoors pics.

    Have a lovely PINK summer's weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  13. Cute ~ cute!
    Happy belated Pink Saturday!

  14. Hello Sue, I just caught up with your most recent posts. I loved them all. You have a photographer's eye for a perfect photo opp!!! Great photos and fun times with your precious family. Did you catch anything on your pink fishing rod? It is a classic. Love the purple pink sage and your beach outing. Poor puppies. They are adorable as are your grands.

    Have fun in the sun and I hope you don't suffer too much. Love the quote.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  15. Oh, I love your photos and that pink fishing rod is the best!


  16. I have to remember you can always make me smile. I am loving sopping over here Sweet Sue! You are the very best. Love and Hugs Anne

  17. HPS very late. That pink fishing rod is so darling! Hugs Anne


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