'GimmeABreak'...I Get That A Lot!!!

Have Ya'll ever been told to 'ToneItDown' or 'TakeA Break' or 'At Least GimmeABreak'???
I Get That A Lot! 
 Yep, it seems I run on HiTest Somethin' or Another most of the time, and I have a way of getting those around me all
 WoundUp and Spinnin in my Circles til my Loved Ones and Others say....
Sue, Mom, Nana, CollectInTexas Gal...GIVE IT A REST!

Ya know, the BirthdayBash was a Blast,
 but I ate waaaaay to much Pink Cake. 
I ran on that SugarHi all the way through Last Weeks Pink Saturday.
 I think I musta wrenched somethin' with that ChainSaw.
I know I scared the Roses so bad they were Droppin'Dead on the Stem from fright!

Anyway, HiHoney, was worn to frazzel with all the Pinkness Energy, Pink Hair and PinkPinkPink!

While it's not easy to ToneItDown or TakeABreak, I Am goin' to
 Give It A Rest and do some Porch Sittin'!

So pull up a Rocker and enjoy some of my Favorite Photos from the Pink Floral Show. 

Now, wasn't that Nice and Calming? 
 Is that the Most Relaxed you've been here at CollectInTexas Gal?
Do Ya'll think that I've Turned over a New Leaf...so to speak...and gone for a More Mellow Side of Pink?


As Always.....Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound.
My ShoutOut goes to Bronny at The Pink Glass Lady...Amazing Pink Glass Collection!
Happy Pink Saturday, Ya'll!


  1. Oh Sweet Sue, you are so darn funny and cute and that pig flyin is beyond side splitting laughter! It is a favorite of mine, when pigs fly,blah blah blah!I think one day pigs will fly! You and I will probably be flyin with them! LOL! Or as my new blogging buddy Heather from Oregon says, FOMCLOL! Translation: Falling Off My Chair LAUGHING OUT LOUD!http://heathersblog-o-rama.blogspot.com/ pLEASE GO SAY HI AND WELCOME HER! sHE IS AN ABSOLUTE DELIGHT! wE DELIGHTFUL GALS NEED TO FORM A CLUB!

  2. Your flying pig is the funniest ever!! I need me one of those. Your mosaics are very beautiful and yes they did make me relax. What better way to relax than on a pink rocker! YAH.

  3. Hi Sue!
    You are a breath of fresh air and your funny self makes me laugh and smile! Don't every settle down or give it a rest! We love you just the way you are.

    Great Pink Saturday post.


  4. Did HiHoney get rid of the wig?

  5. Beautiful flower pictures! I didn't think you tone it down for Pink Saturday. You're a high energy GRIT! I think I saw that pig fly by this afternoon, lol.

  6. The flowers are so gorgeous!

  7. Sue, you never fail to make me smile and giggle! Love the pink rockers! ~ Sarah

  8. I have had a long just stressed week (just like everyone else) lol So I get to your blog and start to just laugh! I love it the piggie rocks! Happy Pink Saturday Grace xoxo

  9. Ok, now this is a first, but I am in love with a big, pink, fat pig!!!! I love that pig, and I must say that when I first saw a pig (it was at the airport) with the saying when pigs fly, I thought that was over the top perfection. Your blooms are over the top eye candy too. Just so pretty in here this week. Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  10. Wonderful pinks and wow When Pigs Fly!! Perfect!! Do not every change...we love you like you are!

  11. Gotta love that flyin' pink pig! Now I've got to read back a couple of Pink Posts to see what you said about Beverly and Jeanne!


    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  12. That flying pig is funny and the flowers are beautiful. Happy Pink Saturday. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Winona

  13. Sue your pink mosaic of stunning flowers are amazing!WOW!!!
    A fun post to read!

  14. Those are some gorgeous pink photos - and the hydrangea with the white moth or butterfly is my favorite. Such beauty all in one place. And the photo of Beverly is so cute! Blessings and Happy Pink Sat.


  15. Thanks for the pretty pink flowers and the flying pig...there used to be a shop in Gruene...When Pigs Fly...it's gone now, but that was the first time I had heard the expression...I'm really tempted to add one to the lawn...don't think the idea will be well received by The Lawn Ranger who has the ultimate final say on what he is willing to mow around...have a Pink Week from start to finish...

  16. I live in Michigan, but I L-O-V-E Texas....so glad I have a son there so I can visit often!
    Your flowers are just as pretty as can be and that PIG....he is over the top adorable!

  17. Loved the pinks..but now that is one cute pink pig. I loved him..:)]
    Happy pinks sue...have a great weekend,

  18. Those flower pix are just wonderful! A joyous and Happy Pink Saturday to you.

  19. Hi Sue, I have been out and about today so this comment is a bit behind. We picked six cups of wild black raspberries on the side of my yard and my sister made black raspberry cobbler. Mmmmmm so good. Then we went yard sailing for half a day. Great thrifty buys. Then dinner with my sister's family with grilled venison burgers. Soooo good. I didn't get home until 7 pm. My dh has been gone all day with a Senior's games thingy. He is still not home. I
    kinda like him being gone for a day.

    I do think you should sit back and relax a bit. You are always going 90 MPH Sue. Your collage of pink flowers is so pretty. Good job.

    I knew you would get a kick out of Beverly's hair. I sure did. Just imagine her as attractive and you will get the picture. Big smile.

    Love ya, Jeanne

  20. Great post. Love the pink pig! The flower mosaics are gorgeous.


  21. You had me all nice and relaxed with those gorgeous PINK flowers, then you nailed me with Beverly's forehead and the PS Tattoo she has apparently had applied!!! I know she's proud of her "Pink Saturday" being featured in Artful Blogging, but I think she's gone a bit too far getting that tattoo....don't you? I wonder what Jeanne would think of that? :) Now, it looks like Beverly should consider getting bangs!

    Hope your Pink Sat was full of fun...your post sure was! dana

  22. Love the pink fying pig! Your posts so make me smile! Happy Belated Pink Saturday.


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