Authorized Personnel Only...Here's Your SignSue!

Have any of Ya'll ever been 'The Authorized Personnel Only'?

I've never been The Authorized Personnel of anything much less of Only!

I see this sign alot and it doesn't even have to say 'This Means You Too, Sue' for me to GetIt! 

The DANGER part is all the Warning I need, and then of course there's the PadLock, the TwelveFoot ChainLink Barbed Wire Topped Fence and enough Bolts of Electricity around to send this Grounded Gal to the Gates of SaintPeter.

And lastly, I am Law Abiding!
If the sign says KeepOut...This Means You, Sue...I KeepOut...right up to the edge of the Offending Fence!

Who needs a KEY when YaGot NeatONikon?  Yep right through the fence SheShoots! 

Are Ya'll wonderin' where I am?
Here I am in My Original HomeTown....Monahans America!

Where TEXAS HEAT is an EveryDay Expected GetUseToIt Thang!

It's a Blistering Texas Sun at the Queen Unit Well No. F-1 in DownTown Monahans, Texas.  That's right....Authorized Personnel....Only in West Texas do you see this in the middle of town!

I guess I shouldn't say ONLY in West Texas...how about ANYPlace in Texas where a PumpJack or two or three or in this case four, will keep the Oil Economy Pumping and the price of Gas 20 cents higher at the Pump than in the next town 35 minutes away!

PS...I'll be here in Monahans American for a few more days. So, there's no tellin' what Ya'll are goin' to get as a 'DailyDose' of CollectInTexas Gal.
One thing is for sure....
There's plenty of TexasHeat to go around and lots more Signs!
I have HiHopes of finding the one says....

Authorized Personnel SueOnly!


  1. My hubby J was Authorized Personnel for almost 40 years, while a Lineman for our local rural electric cooperative.:-)

    Loved seeing the wells. Saw lots of them in Texas, as a child...also in Louisiana, when I lived there in the very early 1960's.

  2. Sue you are having way too much fun with that camera! :)

  3. I admire you for enduring the heat, Sue! I've decided that I am crazy for images. I just can't get enough of the magic the camera can give! Isn't it FUN? I'm praying. I hope Stacy is doing okay. Love being sent your way, Sweetie Pie!

  4. Anonymous6/16/2010

    Have fun and get your patootie back home safely.


  5. Get home to the AC! lol Grace

  6. Funny how having oil there in town makes it cost more!
    Yes, Monday lunch and knitting sounds good!


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