BlogginBirthday Finale ... Pink Saturday 1~23~2010

Dearest Sue,
It's not so much the world outside
That makes us sigh or smile...
It's more the feeling in our hearts
That makes life seem worthwhile!
And as you read this Birthday card,
I wonder if you guess the countless times
The thought of you
Has brought me happiness?
Connie Marie

Thank-you SweetSister of Mine
For yet another Special Birthday Wish!
I've saved every card for many years,
And I have read them all countless times.
Everyone is a Special Treasure,
And brings me such pleasure!

Thank-you My Special Bloggin Friends
For All the Birthday Wishes.
And as you read this message,
I hope you know how happy you have made
This Girl Raised in Texas.

Now Let The Party Favors Begin!

Thirty-seven Bloggers SignedUp for the Pink Plate GiveAway ~ I will Announce the Winner in just a Texas Minute!

First, Let's draw for the Crocheted Pink Hat Pin Cushion...And the Winner Is.....

Beansieleigh TINA at BeansieBabblesShe's so much fun to visit and always has something really pretty to share. I 'm pretty sure she's into needlework and will love this vintage pin cushion.

Isn't this the sweetest Angel? She's been in my Crocheted Angel Collection for quite some time, and now it's time for her to Bless One of You!
And the Winner is....PomPom at PomPom's Ponderings!
Have you met PomPom? She's a New Pinkie and the Sweetest Angel in BlogLand!
She's My ShoutOut for this Pink Saturday. Stop in and see what she's Pondering this Pink Saturday and tell her Sue sent ya!

...And 'B' is for BEVERLY,not only the One and Only 'B' on the List, but the One with 'The Pink List'!
Thank-you Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for hosting Pink Saturday each week. Please stop by and give her your Pink Regards and see all the Pinkies on her Pink List!

We have amongst us a GypsyNurse Angel. You may remember, she was my 'ShoutOut' last Pink Saturday and her ETSY Shop Fund Raiser for Haiti.
These lovely 'Pinks' are from her ETSY Shop 'TatteredRebel'.
And the Lucky Winner is....Sissie at Sissies Shabby Cottage. Her cottage is so beautiful and she's a very creative gal.

Time for The Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake made by Girl Raised in Texas and January Birthday Girl Sarah at Hyacinths For The Soul. Sarah is a Texas Gal with Culinary Style. She created this amazing confection for a Holiday Party and was kind enought to share it for this BlogginBirthday Party. You must visit Sarah HERE for a Holiday Review and the Recipe for Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake! Thanks Sarah!

...And 'J' is for Jeanne from BackYard Neighbor and the Only 'J' Gal on the List!
Jeanne has been a 'Pinkie' from the very beginning of Pink Saturday.
She's working on a Fabulous Quilt Project and has the most wonderful Collections.

Well, Ya'll, has it been a Texas Minute? Just one more of those and then I'll Announce the Plate Winner.
I just wanted to say a 'Big Texas Thanks' for making this the BestBirthday 'Bloggin or Otherwise'! If you missed any of the WeekLong Party and would like to catch up, All the Posts are on the SideBar under 'Birthday Posts'. There's lots and lots of CAKE over there. Be sure and pick up your Party Dress and see Dolly and Me in HighKickin Action. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions...As you can see, I never did 'MakeUp My Mind'.

It's My Great Pleasure on this First BlogginBirthday Party to Announce the Winner of The Pink Attitude Plate...

Sherry at Country Wings In Phoenix
Congratulations Sherry! You are such a 'Special Pinkie'.
Always one of the first to Welcome New Pinkies and make all of us 'Feel So Special'.

PS...Yep, this has sure been a better attended Birthday Party than #5...Thanks again!
To All the Winners...I'll be in touch soon for your information or you can email me at CollectInTexas@gmail.com
...And...As Always...Thanks for Coming and Commenting!

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  1. Oh, THANK YOU! She's so sweet - I'm delighted! Thank you for the pinkie shout out, Sue! I shouted out for you today, too! Great pink minds think alike! I'm sorry we have to wait a whole year for your birthday to come again!

  2. The first time I participated in Pink Saturday Sherry was the first one to welcome me and, as you say, make you feel special.
    Congratulations to all of the winners. Happy Pink Saturday.

  3. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Happy Pink Saturday to you too.
    I am so thrilled. I thank you from the bottom of my Country Wings heart, and I will cherish this Texas plate forever. I started my blog almost 7 months ago, and have met so many wonderful friends. You have brought me such laughter, such joy and such wonderful memories. I love to come and see what you have to share each day.

    I will think of you everyday I see my beautiful Pink Attitude plate. Thank you sweet friend. Thank you. I will email you my address.

    I loved my cake and I have so enjoyed kicking up my little legs and dancing the dance line with you gals. You Texas gals definitely know how to throw a GREAT party. I hope your special day was a fun one, because you sure have made it special for me.

    Have a beautiful day sweetie, and thank you again. You are a BIG jewel in my blogger life.

    Country Hugs and MUCH love...Sherry

  4. What a generous pinkie you are! Happy Pink Weekend to you! I love visiting. I love that pin cushion! So cute!

  5. Oh my goodness.. What FUN your party has been! What a wonderful surprise, to win this beautiful pin cushion, and I am so happy for the other winners too! Thank you! Congrats to all of them, and again, a very Happy Birthday to you! God bless.. Have a wonderful weekend!.. And I'm SURE I'll be heading on over to Sarah's today, for her recipe for Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake! I just can't take my eyes OFF it, and I have a feeling I'm going to be doing a little baking this weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina

  6. Happy Pink Saturday... and Happy Birthday too fellow Texas gal! love your sweet pink giveaways... blessings. Dixie

  7. Belated Birthday wishes! And I so enjoyed all your pink treats. And that watercolor card on your blog banner is gorgeous.

  8. Wonderful Birthday week and so happy you had such a good time. Congrats to all the winners and isn't it fun to give happiness to someone! I have had a fun time on your birthday my friend!
    Have a great weekend! Pink Forever!

    Linda @ A La Carte

  9. What a party! I'm havin so much fun this year for your PAR TAY of the season! Loved my dress. You know I put my pistols aside, covered my bazookas, closed my legs and very demure and ladylike arrived in the stunning long green number you borrowed from Mis Scarlet and I sampled each and every cake you had and danced with you and Dolly (both Dolly's) and watched everyone open their pressies from you. Saw you read with happy tears all the wonderful cards and good wishes and Congrats by the way to all you lucky gals chosen for the beauties of gifts of whom each and every one of you I adore. And all I can say is once again It was real and it was fun and in fact, it was Real Fun and my biggest and bestest wishes to you for a bang-up shout 'em out sing to the choir kinda year for you miz sue. XXHugs, Mizmollye

  10. Oh my goodness you little Texas Gal, you sure know how to throw a birthday party!
    I am so happy that you picked me to win those sweet hair pins. They are just what I need to pretty myself up a bit. I just love that Cat too, she's a great gal.
    And I can't say enough about Sherry. I think that you said it all so well.
    I can't wait until your next Birthday Party!!

    Thanks so much.

  11. Congratulations to Sherry! She is definitely the one to so deserve winning. Sherry is a winner to all of us! This is so wonderful! Thanks so much for sharing and have a Happy PINK Saturday!

  12. What a wonderful Birthday Party you planned. Thanks for sharing and Happy Pink Saturday. Have a great day.

  13. Anonymous1/23/2010

    What a great party! And congrats to all the winners..they were well deserved..and You Miss Birthday Girl..have a huge, wonderful heart...and you made me cry...(happy tears!)...
    Hope you have a great weekend.. I am off to see if the ankle hold up at work tonight!
    Love and Hugs...

  14. What a grand birthday party you have had! Congratulations to all the winners! Keep on celebrating your birthday month! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  15. Congratulations to all the winners...and Happy, Happy Birthday to you and all the January birthday girls.. Happy Pinks, have a great weekend.

  16. Happy Birthday and thanks for visiting my blog. I'm also a GRIT! Still in the South but GA now. Can't wait to get back to TX, no place like home! Hope you stop by again soon! Tammy

  17. Congratulations to all the winners! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Pink Saturday, too!


  18. Well, I'm still doing the "rounds" for Pink Saturday, chickee! But thank you for the sweet and kind comment on my blog. I'm adding you to my Google Reader, sugar, that way I'll keep in touch and not miss one of your posts. Don't ya just love bloggin', sweetpea?!?! Squeeeeeeeeeeal. I live my life in exclamation points, too. ;-)

  19. I am so grateful that I am able to wish a sweetheart the birthday wishes that she so deserves. I hope you had a great time, Happy Pink Saturday and what a special post, Char

  20. Hello, sweet birthday girl! I hope you have had a beautiful birthday, and I am wishing many, many more for you! I will be celebrating mine next Thursday, the 28th, when I will be 59 years young! Congratulations to all the winners on your generous give aways! Sending much love your way! Vicki

  21. Happy Pink Saturday !!! I have enjoyed visiting your blog and viewing your lovely photos - I am a lover of crochet thread work. Please a wonderful new week.

  22. Yay congratulations! You are the sweetest thing giving gifts for your birthday. Thank you for visiting me today being late and all I thought no visitors today...Happy Pink Saturday have a wonderful week Hugs Grace

  23. Happy Pink Saturday. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful Sunday. Winona

  24. What a wonderful idea, giving gifts for your birthday! That really is the best way to celebrate our lives, isn't it? Thank you for sharing all the lovely pink gifts and happy birthday to you! Terri

  25. Anonymous1/24/2010

    You mean I didn't win??? Uh...what gives??? LOL...congratulations to all the winners and a big Happy Birthday to you. I am still celebrating here at home. HPS xoxo

  26. Sue, you always, always have a smile to share with everyone. You are a special treasure to each of us.

    You made your birthday wonderful for everyone. I pray that the joy you share always comes back to you.

    Congratulations to Sherry. I know she will treasure this wonderful plate. And, I will treasure your special gift to me, too. Thank you.

    Happy Pink Saturday.

  27. You lost me at the chocolate....ummmmmmmmm


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