The FIRST of The FIRST...VintageThingyThursday!

FIRST!!! There are lots of FIRST's in our Lives!

FIRST Birthday Party! Mine was January 20, 1948!

FIRST BlogginBirthday Party! Mine will be January 20, 2010.
Your Invitation is right under the January Header!

FIRST Head Vase of my Head Vase Collection!!!
Found in my FIRST Shop!

Twenty-FIRST Birthday Photograph! Taken January 20, 1968!

FIRST Time to Participate in Vintage Thingy Thursday! TODAY!!!

There's quite a Tale to Tell about how this became 'The FIRST Headvase', but FIRST I'll give you a brief history on this Very Vintage Thingy.

The FIRST Head Vases were imported from Japan after World War II in the late 1940's and early 1950's. For many years Florists used them as vases for Floral Arrangements
like the lovely 'Teen' made by Napcoware.
She has a Napco Foil tag, is numbered and has her Original Floral Arrangement of plastic flowers and greenery with pink tulle around the bouquet.
The plastic flowers help to identify her age as coming from the 1950's. She is not the FIRST but the LAST Head Vase added to my Collection just last year.
She is listed in 2006 at $100 without the flowers.

Now, This GRIT is the Thriftiest of Shoppers and in today's market $100 would be a good buy, especially with the original flowers. Are ya sittin down? I paid $25...Boy Howdy, did I have Connections!

These now Highly Collectable Vases were made in a number of different styles with the Fashion Model being the most popular. They were patterned after movie stars and models with beautiful HairDo's, strings of pearls and earrings.

And now The Tale About The FIRST...Once upon a time this GRIT was assigned to clean the bathroom of a 'Christmas Shop' by her fellow shopkeepers to be.
GirlsRaisedInTexas do not balk at bad bathrooms, we don rubber gloves, grab the Comet and go to it.
While cleaning around the toliet this lovely lady was discovered behind the bowl.
The shop, with it's little bitty potty room, was once a Beauty Shop in the 50's and 60's and was used as storage for the connecting Dress Shop. So, twenty years later, I find and claim this 'VaseThingy' as my Bathroom Booty.
Years later, I discover the Art of Collecting Head Vases and find she is worth a lot more than the dollar or two the Florist paid for her as a container for one of the 'Beauty Operators' January Birthday Bouquet. She was made by Caffco, is numbered, in Mint condition and lists for $400.
Yep, I'd say that was pretty good "PottyBooty' and we kinda look alike with our Big 1960's HairDo, Honey!
You can See and Read 'The Rest of the Story' HERE as it was posted for Pink Saturday and entitled 'Big Hair Little Heads'.

Thanks, Suzanne at ColoradoLady for hosting 'Vintage Thingy Thursday'. I'm looking forward to my FIRST Thursday with all the other participants.

I hope you have enjoyed my FIRST Vintage Thingy Thursday Post, and if this is your FIRST visit to CollectInTexas Gal, I'd like to remind you about the Invite to my FIRST BlogginBirthday Party. I hope you'll come and sign up for the GiveAway Gift.
And...As Always...Thanks for Coming and Commenting!

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  1. Haha! Good story. Your potty booty is most cool. Love it!

  2. welcome to vtt!!..oh what a fun post..you certainly have an eye for a bargain..FAB vases!!

  3. Head vases are funny! I didn't even KNOW about them! Once again, Teacher Sue delivers! All your collecting is fascinating.

  4. Oh man, My grandma had one of those and I thought it was so odd at the time but I so wish I had it now!!

    happy vtt! and welcome!

  5. I love your heads, story, and photos. I especially like the one with the flowers.

  6. Oh Sweetie...
    You sure do have connections. I have never owned one of these head vases. I keep looking.

    When I look at this one you have with the flowers, I think she looks as tho she were modeled after Alice and Wonderland. She has the right face, the right hair, even the right collar and dress. She is beautiful. You are one lucky ducky.

    I will have to start paying more attention and start looking for one. I would truly love to start collecting them. So beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing today, as always I love it when you do. Country hugs sweetie...Sherry

  7. That is one good potty story! Love how you found the first head vase and YES I think it looks like you! Glad you joined in on VTT, it is certainly a lot of fun!

  8. Nice bargain for getting the head vase! (yes, both of them)

  9. Your lady head vases are fabulous!I used to have alot of them, but I sold most of them on Ebay, and I really miss them. What was I thinking?!
    Glad you joined in today, and I hope I see you next week!
    Happy VTT!

  10. Love your head vases. And what a way to find your first one ;-) Thanks for sharing about your finds. And welcome to VTT!


  11. I love head vases, and I'd say that you've been VERY lucky in acquiring them--they're both very cool!

  12. Loved your post!. It is so nice to meet a new blogger. I look forward to more VTT's and more great posts.



  13. Your head vases are beautiful!.. I've tried to keep my eye open for them, but am not yet lucky enough to find any yet at the sales and thrift shops I've been to.. I don't find opportunity to shop the flea markets, but would LOVE to if only I could!! I have only two head vases, but I LOVE them! They were my grandmother's.. who was definitely among the thriftiest of shoppers out there! (0; Anyways, I hope you'll be showing MORE of the head vases you have in your collection someday! ~tina

  14. My Mom had one of these "head vases". My daughter, when she was young, was afraid of it!!! I don't know why! We sold it in the estate sale after my mother died. If I would have known you way back then, I would have sent it to you! : ))

  15. I loved everything you shared for your first VTT. You need to do this each week with all these great vintage things. You are right, I can relate to all of these styles,etc. What a nice collection your have of the head vases.

  16. Good story and absolutely the best Potty Booty ever!

    I have to say I never heard of Head Vases before but now would love to own one!

    Great photo...love the 'do!

  17. Cool PottyBooty! We never know what we might find just around the corner! Thanks for sharing

  18. Ooo, what a collection. I loved,loved the one with flowers in her hair..just how gorgeous can it get..I had never seen these head vases till you
    showed them, and I have loved seeing all of them. If you have more,you have to share.
    Hugs and welcome to VTT from another GRIT..

  19. She is lovely. A great find for you.

  20. I adore head vases, and I have admired them for many years. Maybe one of these days I'll break down and purchase one.

    Do you think I could get assigned to clean the bathrooms?

  21. Cool, my sis has two that are even older than these very antiquey looking they belonged to a great aunt! Love them but too pricey for my pocket

  22. Welcome to VTT. I love your headvases. I have a few in a small collection myself. And one 'body' vase my daughter bought me to go with them because she thought it was funny. It is and the new 'body' vase sits among the old 'head' vases. LOL

  23. I love the headvases! I collect vintage lady planters and I have been thinking about adding some heads to my collection! Love this post! In fact, I checked out your blog, love your blog!
    Welcome to VTT! (You'll be hooked)
    Hugs, Ann

  24. Anonymous1/14/2010

    Is that the one "I" FOUND for you this past summer? I'll say....YOU GOT CONNECTIONS! Little sister is lookin for you. What was I THINKIN!!!!
    Not really, just kiddin. I knew when I saw it you had to have it for your VERY special collection. :0) hugs "lilsis"

  25. Birthdays are fun :)

  26. "Potty Booty," now, that's a good one! At least it wasn't a thankless job.
    I love your photo with the big hair. The doll vase looks alot like you did. I remember having that big hair too.LOL
    You are too cute Miss GRIT! Girls Raised in the South claim to be Grits too.
    Great post for your first. Love it!

  27. Welcome to Vintage Thingies Thursday...and what a great first post...I remember seeing these and your right, they are really pricey. These that you are showing today are really amazing. Happy VTT!

  28. Happy VTT and welcome too! I have never seen anything like these! Poor me!

  29. I've never heard of these dolls before ... so cool. Great story too ... I love the idea of potty booty! LOL

  30. Well, I've never heard of such things as head vases! I definitely remember plastic flowers, though! What a neat thing to collect.

  31. Hello Sue, I love all your firsts. Your posts are always amusing and INTERESTING. Like the story about the booty head vase. Girl you really made me laugh on that one. Also, envious, of the bargain price. The head vases and you are beautiful. big smile here.

    Love ya Collectin Texas Gal,

  32. Sue, I collect hankies too. I have two big containers of them. They are easier to store than head vases as you well know but every time I see yours I am tempted. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It was nice to see you again. I do love to visit but I am trying to run an Etsy shop to pay for my thrifting obsession. You know how that goes. It is time consuming.

  33. You are just great! I love the doll head vases and I love that 21st birthday pic! Yesterday huh? Love & blessings to you always.

  34. Bet those ladies are sorry now that they missed out on your treasure! What a fun post.

  35. Goodness!!! A veritable potpourri of congratulations!

  36. Those are awesome as well as your photographs. You gotta love those hairstyles. I am so glad I don't have to do that to my hair these days.

  37. Well, you live & learn and the things I've learned about since I started blogging are endless but I have never seen or even heard of Head Vases before. They are amazing, so kitsch but also very sweet.
    A first for me!

  38. Anonymous1/15/2010

    Best potty story in the world!! And thank you so much for your Haiti support!

    See you for Pink Saturday!~

  39. Sue! What a great find, she is beautiful! I love these and I remember them from when I was a little girl. I guess everyone just thought they were junk because I have not seen any in years..I must keep my eye out for them in my outs and abouts..
    Cool post will read the whole story at Pink Saturday..

  40. Holy guacamole ! I love those head planters!!! Potty booty!? Great phrase!

    Thanks for the invite over to your blogs! Lots of fun!


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