January 1956...They Call It Retro...I Call It...The GoodOle Days!

"Another Calendar year. I wonder what 1956 will bring"?

I can just hear my Mama saying that as she tacked this 1956 Calendar on the kitchen wall beside the refrigerator and above the stove.

That was before the 'frig' had it's own niche like they do today.

It stood there all white and bigger'n Dallas...to a ten year old...next to the stove and by the back door.

That seemed to be the best place for the calendar, according to my Mama and Daddy. You see, they were both Real Tall...to a ten year old...and they could see way up there above the stove where by the end of the year the calendar showed every one of it's 365 days of cooking three meals a day without a 'VentAHood'. And, if Mama wasn't in the kitchen, the light was 'Turned OFF'...that was 'The Rule'...and this GRIT was not Tall enough to see what day it was much less turn on the light switch.

When I think back over the years growing up, my minds eye seems to always picture Mama in the Kitchen.

And, you know, I don't have a single photo of her in the kitchen.

I posted about her kitchen back last year...which wasn't so long ago in 2009.
Mama's Kitchen and Red Gingham Curtains...
if 'YaWanna' TimeTravel and see a Thrift Store Find that so reminded me of Mama's Kitchen.

I bet your Mama had them, too.

Here's where this GRIT 2010 kitchen calendar resides.
Yep, some things never change...like a New Year Calendar in the Kitchen.
Some things change a bunch...like the New Year Calendar by the PHONES.
Shoot, we didn't even have OnePhone in the whole house in 1956, much less TWO Phones.
A Land line for all those TeleMarketeers to interrupt our suppers, and the
Cell Phone so I can 'Reach Out and Touch Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere!

And here's the funny thing, I can visit with Mama while we are both in the our kitchens, talkin on OUR CELL PHONES! Yep, Mama has a CellPhone. I won't go into how she doesn't use the Contact List or why I can't leave her a Message. Let's just say she's 'OldPhoneSchool' and keeps her Planner~Address Thingy up to date. And then there's the List of Numbers taped to the back of her CellPhone.

Here's Mama in January 1956.
She was 28 years old, and for a Girl Raised in Iowa, she sure looks like a Texas Gal.
Love your Haaiirrr, Mama!
Love your Jeans and Dad's Belt Buckle!
Love You Then and Love You Now!

PS...I wish I still had that bike. Boy, was I surprised on my Birthday that January!
PPS...BTW, Mama, about that question, "Wonder what 1956 will bring"...
nine months after this picture was taken, another GRIT joined our Family.
She's the greatest gift a big sister could have..Thankye Bunches!


  1. Sue, I love this post. Does your mother read your blog? I wish my mother would read mine.

    I can't remember us having a kitchen calendar. Hmm? I ask my mother.

  2. Oh sweetie...
    I so love this post. It is just precious. Love the picture of your Moma. She is just beautiful.

    You know isn't it funny, how the most memories we have are of our Moma's in the kitchen? I do have pics of my Moma in the kitchen cooking away, but she too spent so many hours there. I guess she was always cooking, and we were always in there visiting with them, so our memories are there of them in the kitchen.

    Thank you for the beautiful memory today. I just love it. Have a beautiful day sweetie.

    Country hugs and so much love, Sherry

  3. Oh we always had a calendar and usually in the kitchen. Love the photo of your Mom!

  4. What sweet memmories of your Mama's kitchen.
    I kinda got a warm feeling all over as you posted about the good ole days, it took me back to the days when I would reach my little short arms up to hug my Mom around the waist and smell the bacon on her aprons. She's gone now, but the sweet memories of her will live on forever.
    Thanks for a lovely post.


  5. Hi Sue!
    I had to write to you when I saw
    the 1956 calendar. I was born August of 1956.
    I remember the good ole days...Playing
    with my paper dolls, coloring, listening to my 45 records..which I still have infact!! I loved
    the pretty dresses and the simple fun me and my
    friends had just playing together..outside!!
    Hugs and many thanks for the memories...Susan in Georgia.

  6. Oh, I love this photo--my mom was the same age, and I was 2--wow!

  7. Thank you for the trip back in time. My bestest memories of my mama was her in her apron in the kitchen. Our mamas cooked back then, had dinner and supper set on tablecloths with a properly set table with the whole family there, She made the best yeast raised donuts and fried pies in the south...Ohhh,how I still miss her.

  8. I am 41, but I don't have memories like that...! I am just a lil jealous.

    And I love your Mama's hair too. Wish I could get mine to look like that.

  9. Yep, we always have a calendar in the kitchen!

  10. Anonymous1/06/2010

    Hi Big Sis!
    As I began to read this...I'm thinkin " I know what was come-in....ME! Thanks for the sweet ending comment and for helping our Mother take such good care of me. Must be why we are so alike in many ways. I really love all the pictures. Wish I had a stove and fridge like that one. I remember a picture of her in the kitchen in Grandfalls...it is somewhere. We will have to find it! Look how tiny her waist was...beautiful then and now!
    hugs :0) "lilsis"


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