Christmas Quilt Number Three...I Cheated...Cloth!!!

Ohie Ohie Ohie!!!  Nana Papa PupPups !!! Ohie Ohie Ohie!!!
Hi Ya'll....It's December First, and my Nana wanted me to be the First to tell you Merry Christmas!

My name is Jackson and this is my second Christmas, and I'm trying to make sense of all this OhieOhieOhie. 

This is my PlayStation at Nanas and Papas and I'm lovin' all the colors and toys in the thingy Nana calls a Quilt!

I love to climb in and out of my Toy Basket, and the Toys are pretty fun, too. 

As you can see I'm being raised surrounded by My Nana's Quilts. 

They are everywhere...over the brick Fireplace Hearth....she thinks I can't  climb up there yet...HoHoHo!

Papa has his very own Quilt that he shares with me when we snuggle in his BigChair and watch SpongeBob.

Nana has a different Quilt in her lap nearly everyday.  She says, "Jackson, I'll hold you when I finish sewing on this Quilt."  She's always doing that Sewing Thingy!

There's the one that is my Play Mat.  Nana said she Cheated when she made that. 

I don't know what that means, but she said the same thing about the one that hangs above my Toy Box. 

I like it when she Cheats!

I'm pretty sure, My Nana Cheated on My Christmas Quilt! 
 Ooops, I wasn't suppose to see it until Christmas, but what can I say, she was Sewing on it the other day! 

Will Ya'll just look at ALL those Toys on my Christmas Quilt!!!
Yep,I'm gonna LOVE Christmas!
OhieOhieOhie, Ya'll
(Merry Christmas, Ya'll)

How could I resist another Cheaters Cloth Quilt for my Grandson Jackson? 

They are quick and easy to put together and if you machine quilt them, well....they are really are quick and easy!

Jackson's Play Mat Quilt, The Christmas Quilt #Two, Jacksons Christmas Quilt and the other Three Grands Christmas Quilts are all Cheaters Cloth.

You can read more about Cheater's Cloth HERE.



  1. Jackson is such a sweetie and I love his Christmas quilt. I think Cheaters quilts might be the way I want to start quilting. Take care.

  2. That's fabulous!! And the pictures with Jackson are too sweet! That was what I almost named my son! LOL


  3. oh what a great place....I love quilts..lucky Jackson

  4. Jackson looks like he adores Nana's quilts. How precious is he!!! I love the cheater quilt, very pretty. What an inviting place.

  5. Anonymous12/01/2010

    What a little sweetheart. And I love your colorful photos today!


  6. I know of a quilt store 2 towns over from us that sells everything under the sun and will do the quilting for you too! I should make a quilt for my soon to be first granddaughter and have them do all the quilt stitching (by machine of course)for me. That way I know it will turn out really nice. Love your quilts and that grandbaby is a doll!~Ames

  7. I want to jump into all that quilt loveliness!

  8. I could just snuggle lil Jackson. What an adorable GrandLove you have there enjoying his quilts from his Nana. I love doing cheater quilts. Lately, there is time for nothing but. Yours are beautiful, all of them.

  9. Sue, I've scrolled all the way down to this post. Sorry I've been MIA as far as getting around to visit. I've been up to my neck with Christmas decorations. I hope to have some more leisure time soon. :-)

    Everything looks terrific. You have made some wonderful quilts. And you knit too! What a talented lady. ~ Sarah


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