JunkinJupiter...Top10 In 2010??...NoWay...HowBout In OneDay!

Here's My Wish for Ringin' In the New Year...

Peace on Earth and GOODWILL to All Ya'll !!!

Forever More!  Who knew a QuickTrip to Goodwill YESTERDAY...December 30, 2010...would find a Favorite Sign on the Door...


Hmmmmm....1/2 off of 49 cents is 24.5 cents.  Oh heck!  I'll get em both!
And that LittlePitcher!!!! OMGosh...Linda will swoon over this Find for .49...that'd be 1/2 off that, too!

Could ItBe...Cups NIB???  I think they are the 'Sandwich Pattern'....maybe! 
Vaseline Coasters???  I'll TestEm later to See!!!

More GOODWILL ToMe!!! 
 TWO of them...Charger size Plates by Homer Laughlin...I'm Laughlin' all the way to the CheckOut!

Yo LindaGal!!! Have you recovered from the first Pitcher Picture? 
Get out the Smellin'Salts....here's another one and Lookie at that Green Dessert Dish!!! 
 Four of them for $2.  Price of this Pitcher...my HighEnd item...$1.

It Was A HAUL...Ya'll !!!

I'm joining Linda at A La Carte for Junkin Finds Friday #9!
Fun that it worked out for the Last Friday of 2010!

Thanks Linda!  I'm looking forward to Findin' Good...will Junk In 2011.

See Ya'll Next Year!!!


  1. I thought you were purging and donating...lol....They only make money if you buy though. I can tell you I never seem to find any treasures but my friend Donnie could fall in a barrel at Goodwill and come up with a diamond ring. She's looking for some plates for me so I might luck out. Have a Happy New Year sweetie.

  2. Swoon is right! You scored and at half price! I never see that at my Goodwill! I love the little pitchers and those little green desert dishes are wonderful. So glad you joined in for JFF!!! Happy New Year and Goodwill Hunting for sure! hugs, Linda

  3. Well, that looked like a whole lot of fun!

  4. WOW!! You certainly did great at 1/2 price day. My favorites are anything "green". Happy New Year. May 2011 be filled with "great thrifting".

  5. Oh my goodness, it really was a haul. Wow, now I need to shop at your GW too. Don't you love it when you find such wonderful things. I hope you have a very Blessed New Year and tons of GW hunting. Hugs, Marty

  6. That is quite a haul!

    Happy New Year!!



  7. Happy New Year!! What a great "haul" at the Goodwill. I love those little pitchers!

  8. OMG, what a SCORE!!! I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE those little pitchers too!!!!!!! You do know we are ALL needing the Smelling Salts after seeing your finds!!! WOW!!!
    Happy New Year to you,
    Hugs, Donna

  9. Now that was a great trip! Happy New Year:@)

  10. I never seem to hit a half price sale. Drats! But then again I live 25 miles from the nearest GW.You found some suhweet stuff there girl! I'm eyeballin' that white pitcher. And the other pitcher with the Aniseed on it reminds me of Portmeirion. I do like Homer Laughlin too! Don't you just love a good find! Happy New year Sue!~Ames

  11. what amazing deals! love those pitchers!

  12. Wow, you rock! What great finds! A fun start to a wonderful year of coolness.

  13. You are a thrifty shopper! I need to go shopping with you and Linda! Hee Hee! Two of my favorite gals! I keep mispelling words here so...I probably should get some rest! I am trying not to make a spelling error cause I am catching up with you and missed all my mistakes! Hee Hee! Good Night! Anne


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