Grandmothers Flower Garden...Christmas Quilt No. Six

It's Not Your Grandmothers Old Fashion Flower Garden Quilt

The Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt block is my favorite quilt pattern! 
Notice I didn't say, my favorite pattern to MAKE!
I'll tell you why later.
I have quite a large collection of Vintage Flower Garden Quilts....some quilted and some pieced tops waiting to be quilted. 
 Over the years, whenever I'd come across this pattern no matter it's condition, I'd go into major rescue mode.
I am particularly fond of one's made from 1930's fabrics. 
 Just this month, I have finished a rescue quilt which I cut out the original 1930's Flowers
and pieced around them with 1930's Reproduction Prints.  
I'll have a show and tell of that quilt sometime in the New Year.  
 And of course I have one as a WIP done in 1930's reproduction fabrics..okay several as WIP's. 
They are going to be a New Years Resolution!

The Christmas Flower Garden started out as a practice piece for a new technique I ran across at the Houston Quilt Festival quite a few years ago. 
Yep, another LongTime WIP...done this year!
The technique promised to be the easiest way ever to make this handpieced pattern that requires cutting out lots of little hexagons! 
And IT WAS!! 
Stamps by Kate...click HERE...Kate's webpage!!!

As I mentioned, this was to be a practice....so I grabbed a piece of 'Not Great QuiltQuality' fabric and started stamping...fussy stamping...then fussy cutting and pretty soon, I had this really cute Christmas thing going on.  One flower led to another and finally to this  perfect for the table Quilted Christmas Table Topper! 

Now about this pattern not being my favorite one to MAKE.
It's typically and traditionally Handpieced and that takes TOO long for this sew at the speed of light quilter!  So, after MAKING serveral with Kate's Stamp Technique,
I invented Sue's SewItBy Machine Technique!
I'll have a Show and Tell of the SSM Technique Quilts sometime in the New Year!

I've had such a fun time showing Ya'll my Christmas Quilts! 
There's actually a couple more, but I'll wait and show those next year!
I don't want to be SueOverDo like I usually do and have Ya'll saying
"Enough Already"!
So, I'll just say
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  1. Oh Sue, Do OverDo...your Christmas Quilts are lovely and ya gotta know that you put me to ShameShameShame...I've been getting VeryMuchOnLazy...can't find my 'oumph' for some reason.
    Keep on dazzling me

  2. That is just lovely and it sure would cheer me up to have morning coffee there with such a lovely piece on the table. I'm going to start quilting in the spring when I get back to NC but I'll be new and this does look very advanced. Maybe someday.

  3. Sue, it's fun to see your Christmas quilts. Thanks for sharing. ~ sarah

  4. That quilt makes such a cheerful tablecloth for the holidays!!!

  5. Hi Sue! Love your quilt, and it looks so pretty as a Christmas tablecloth too! I've yearned to just be ABLE to use a quilt for a tablecloth, but with the way my teenage son still pours a glass of koolaid, I just can't do it!.. Anyways, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the all the little gingerbreads in the fabric! I think gingerbread men, probably much like dolls, just always have each their own sweet personalities and win my heart instantly! ~tina

  6. I can tell your heart is full of hospitality. Your house says welcome!

  7. Good morning Sue, I could never get enough of your quilts. keep em coming. This one is so Christmas pretty. I am really a novice at quilting so I will take you at your word about how easy this was. Smile. your table setting is darling with all the red and green.

    Thank you for your sweet Merry Christmas comment yesterday.
    Merry Christmas back at ya!
    Hugs, Jeanne

  8. What a wonderful quilt and such a great story. Love the table. So inviting.

  9. You are constantly amazing. I want to be like you when I grow up.♥

  10. I can see this quilted....OOHHH! I love Christmas with all the decorations. My favorite time of the year all snuggled up by a warm fire quilting, sipping on a cup of tea.

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