WhatCha Want for Your New Years Eve Birthday, HiHoney?

Summer Sausage, Cheese, Ritz Crackers, Pecan Sandies and Vienna Sausages!!!
NoWay, Jose...None of that Stuff is on your Diet!  Absolutely Not!
I'll bake you a Cake.  Whatever kind you want.  You choose!
Okay, I'll have a Vienna Sausage Cake!
No you won't...Betty Crocker does not make that Mix...choose again!
Okay, Cheese Cake!
I don't know how to make a Cheese Cake!
Well, then let's buy one!
No, I want to BAKE YOU a CAKE....choose again!
Okay, Lemon with lots of Lemon Icing!
Good choice! 
 That'll be great after the 15 Bean Soup and Cornbread!

I just love it when a Plan Comes Together! 
However, I sure can't take any credit for HiHoney's Birthday being on New Years Eve! 
 That was all his Mama's doin'! 

My Plan for HiHoney's Birthday this New Years Eve was set in motion last night with the soaking of the beans,
so they would cook in time for a HiNoon Healthy and Good for Ya Meal! 
 Betty Crocker came through with the Lemon Cake with Lots of Lemon Frosting.
The Cornbread came out just as HiHoney's Favorites arrived.

Yep, here they came carrying a BigOle Mickey Mouse Birthday Bag!
And Yep....HiHoney got everything he wished for except Vienna Sausage!

Now is that just Pure Luck or what?

I made sure HiHoney's Luck continues in 2011....there's a Blackeyed Pea right there in the middle of the soaked beans!

Anyway, I always think of his Mama and wonder if she was hoping to hold out til after midnight to have the First Baby of 1947 and get all those neat gifts.  I guess HiHoney's Dad won out...he was hoping for a 1946 Tax Deduction!

I Think We All Won Out!
Happy Birthday HiHoney!
PS...About the Rest of the Plan....This is Post #200!


  1. Howdy Sue
    A very Happy New Year to you and a big Happy Birthday to your honey :)
    You sure know how to make the holidays the best time ever !
    Blessings to you one and all .
    Enjoy your party and remember your being wished all the very best life has to offer each day in the coming New Year.
    Happy Hugs coming your way
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  2. Happy Birthday, HiHoney!

  3. Best wishes to all of you on this special occasion. May each of you be richly blessed in 2011.

  4. Wishing HiHoney a wonderful Birthday too. That soup looks good and then Oh My Gosh 200 posts. What a way to bring in a new year! Happy new Year

  5. Must be the day for beans. I too cooked bean soup in the crock pot today. No cake here but it isn't a birthday. Enjoy your family and Happy New Years.

  6. Happy Dances for Birthday Boy, Beans and Babies and Babes. Have a Beauty of a 2011.

  7. A very Happy Birthday to your HiHoney (and that is the best husband name in blogworld!)

  8. good looking family....bean soup looks good...and gotta have cornbread...hubby likes hotwater cornbread the best...

  9. So nice of you to stop by today, Sue! Happy belated bday to HiHoney! Why is it that our Texas boys "of a certain age" just want to eat the stuff that's bad for them?... Besides the people, the thing I think I miss most about Texas is the sunsets, so I hope you'll enjoy them for me! Happy New Year to you and yours.

  10. I LOVE 15 Bean Soup beans! I rarely make a pot of beans with just ONE kind of bean. That's just no fun!

  11. I am late coming by but hope HiHoneys birthday was the best! You two are such a swete pair. I am so happy to know you! Husg Anne


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