1966 To 2010...FortyFour Easters Together!!!

Easter Sunday April 10, 1966

Memories...Memories...Here's a few this picture brought back today, Easter Sunday April 4, 2010.

*Newlyweds of three months....married December 27, 1965.

Comments from my Hi Honey...the one without the Hat!

Look how Skinny we were!  What happened?

That was my first suit.  Bought it at Sumners for trip to Lubbock.  Back then you wore a suit and tie for Football Scholarship interviews. 

There's my 1960 Chevy Impala.  My first car.  Paid $800 for it in 1964. 
(the rest of his car comments have been sensored...somethin about the backseat and parkin)

What's with you lookin so much shorter than me? 
I'm sure I thought it out before the picture was taken...I'm so posed...I didn't want my Hat to be taller than your head so I put you on the porch!

What color was your hair under that Hat?  Remember when you tried to be a blonde and it turned out orange? 
I don't know and yes, I remember.  Thank you very much!

Did you make that outfit?  Look at that purse!  Either it was a reallllly big one or you were reallllly skinny!
I don't know and it WAS a realllllly big one!

I sure wish I still had that CAR!
I sure wish I still had that HAT!


  1. Wishing you a Happy Easter!

  2. Anonymous4/04/2010

    ConnieMarie said...Sue and Wayne what a beautiful couple then and now. You guys are so blessed to have each other. I do love the hat and car and wish you still had them to. I noticed Wayne up on the porch before I read the post. Sounds just like you staging that and he is STILL saying "whatever you want Sue"!
    hugs and happy Easter...:0) "lilsis"

  3. Sue, love the photo and the sense of humor. You keep me laughing. Happy Easter to both of you. 44 years!!! Congratulations!

  4. Such a cute couple! Happy Easter~

  5. Ok Susan, I don't know if we are long lost realatives or what but I had THAT EXACT DRESS AND HAT. My hubby and I had a 1960 White Chevy Impala. We will be married 44 years this July! If I can find my pics today I will post them. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  6. Too cute and sassy for sure and giiiiiiiiirl look at them legs! Hope your Easter was wonderful. We're hurtin so bad from gardening we can hardly stand up so went to Picadilly!

  7. What a lovely couple you two are. And, look, you haven't changed, still looking cute as a button.
    I love your first Easter together memory., and the Impala...my Bill had a 75 Chevy Nova, turquoise and white with turquoise seats. Thanks for triggering a fond memory. We loved that car.

  8. I love the car, too! I had an old oil-burning Pontiac Catalina. I love your hat in the dog picture! I always love to look at the pups! You are STILL skinny!

  9. Anonymous4/05/2010

    Hey, I remember that couple!!! Great then--even greater now! Love you both! LS

  10. Love the post. I can still remember purchasing my first car (a white Nova). The skinny comments reminded me of a conversation my sister and I just had. She posted a Easter photo from the early 1970's and I asked her the skinny people were. (Of course it was me minus ???? pounds) Hope you had a great Easter.

  11. You are both a darling couple! Heh. I wish I had that hat too!

  12. You sure were a cute couple! Love the comments - and laughed when you sensored some!


  13. What a GREAT picture. Very handsome couple you were and are. I remember my first car, a 1974 Vega. You might laugh, but I never had any problem at all with that cheap car. We piled 8 teenagers at a time in it and drove it ALL over. I was styling in my silver Vega with black race stripes!

  14. oh, what memories! thanks for sharing this photo with us -- adding your conversation to it makes it even more fun! it really is a wonderful photo! thanks for stopping by my blog on pink saturday. i hope you had a nice easter. (o:

  15. What a great Post, Congrats! Kerrie

  16. What a fabulous photo from a few years back...really WONDERFUL!!! Thanks for sharing!!!


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