GungHo About Spring Cleanin'


Girl, If you are going to WIPE something....start with that SMILE on your FACE!

I kinda remember being GungHo about Spring Cleaning!  But over the years I've come to the same conclusion as Maxine!

Living in BlogLand has been such an Inspiration in So Many Ways!  Why, I've been inspired to 'Spill My Guts' on a number of Topics.  Stuff like 'Bloggin Birthday Week', please...Sue...who does that?  Then there was the purging of the Sewing Stuff.  Ya'll have endured my Clutter of Collections and OMG...All That TEXAS BlogBraggin!

So, I'm thinkin'...Sue, you really ought to get inspired to do Spring Cleaning! So far this Spring, I've opened and closed every closet, hung a curtain over bulging shelves and posted DoNotEnter signs.

This morning I'm inspired Anew.  Yep, this 'BigSpringClean' sign led me to a new place in BlogLand where Spring Cleaning Inspiration Abounds....Like this....

Spring Cleaning is just a name that our society has come up with for a temporary motivation to organize with an extra measure of social pressure. It is really nothing more than surveying the home or workplace and taking inventory.
Followed by: Inventory by room by room. Each room should be maintained daily, weekly, and monthly. Clutter, clean, and deeper clean. Spring cleaning can be an extra time to re-decorate, put an organizational system in place, or re-arrange for a more effienent space.
Spring Cleaning Inventory (the List)
•organize the list by room
•scan the room: what do you not like in the room?
•assign your name or someone else’s name to each task
•write down items to purchase
•what needs to be thrown out, given away, sold, etc.
•what doesn’t work about the space? brainstorm solutions
•budget any changes and talk thru it with your spouse, get ideas, look thru magazines for ideas, get help, share resources
•plan time to give to the tasks/projects
•enlist kids and or family members to have fun with the project ....You Sweet Young Thing!!! Good for You!!!

I did take 'YoungThings' advice....'talk thru it with your spouse'...

My 'Hi Honey' assured me he would take care of Spring Cleaning!


  1. Love this post!!! Spring cleaning? I will 'think about it' but that may be as far as I get. Love you Sue and your whole blog is awesome. You know I'm a fan! Back home in GA but had a wonderful visit in Texas...always a GRIT!

  2. LOL!! I like how you opened and closed every closet door. :-)
    If I left it up to my spouse, nothing would get cleaned. But he is a sweetie and does take care of other things, like grocery shopping and feeding the cats. :-)

  3. Okay, I admit I've been cleaning and getting rid of stuff like a fool over the last week. And yeah it gave me a migraine but I feel lots better now :)

  4. Oh so funny becaudse that is what I'm doing today. Closets. Yep I did the drawers yesterday. On my way now to see your Easter Lootalicious! And check with my bloggy on Sunday. You won't want to miss this next swap. It's too SPECIAL!

  5. Now that is the idea!

  6. I like to read about spring cleaning, but I don't actually make it happen.

  7. Ugh...I have to go over to some friend's house this afternoon and help them clean the house they are moving from! We have been moving all their stuff, now we have to clean it up. I guess it is not really spring cleaning...but cleaning all the same. I found a 50's red prom dress! It does not look exactly like the picture you sent me, but I will post a picture of it soon on the blog. It is so pretty...you don't find red ones very often. Have a great week and clean, clean, clean.


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