Ancestors...We Are Who We Are Because of Them

Ancestry has always been interesting to me...and not just my own. 
 Why, in my diggin' in Junktique Shops, abondoned houses, dusty attics and places I shouldn't be diggin', 
 I've accumlated quite a collection of Vintage Photographs and Memorbilia.
This is my Great Great Grandmother. 
 As the Keeper of My Family History, I inherited an Old Album from my Dads
side of the family with pictures dating back to the mid eighteen hundreds.
Among my Collections of Old Photos, are scenes like this one that give us a glimpse into
fashion, assure us that 'Sisterhood' is a Tradition Among Women,
and inspire us to tell the stories of 'Our Ancestors'.
We are afterall,
Who we are because of them.
I am who I am because of this woman.
My Mother

In the last few months, I've been away from CollectInTexas Gal and Blogland more than I've been here.  I know I've been a bit vague about my reasons for being away, for not visiting, and partcipating in Memes.

For me, CollectIn Texas Gal is my 'Perfectly Pleasant Place' apart from 'Real Life's NotSoPerfect Times'.

With that said, I also know that here in Blogland the 'Tradition of Sisterhood' is flourshing, and that Ya'll...my BlogSisters...are...well, FAMILY!

So my Sisters, here's an explanation of my 'Real Life's NotSo Perfect Times' of late. 
My Mother who is still as beautiful as the woman holding me in 1949, has been having serious health problems.  I won't go into the particulars, except to say that she has an impending neuro surgery in a few months and is recovering from a fall with three broken ribs and on medications for a heart condition.  Mother has always been a very healthy, active and independent woman, and this time in her life has been difficult and trying.  She is strong and faithful and has her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren around her for love and support. 
Afterall.....We are Who We Are because of Her! 


  1. What wonderful photos. I hope your mother is feeling much better.

  2. Keeping your family, you and your beautiful Mother in my prayers. I know what it's like to have a parent with serious health issues. For now my 80 year old Mom is doing well but all it takes is once incident to put them on a downward spiral. Big Hugs to my Texas Sister! Linda

  3. So sorry to hear that your mother was hurt and is unwell. Saying a prayer for her and you too. Hugs.

  4. Your mother is beautiful. I do not understand everything you've written, but the essence if, and I agree. The ancestors have made us the way we are .....greetings from madrid

  5. Your mother had the prettiest eyes! I love to look at old pictures.

  6. Sue, this is a lovely post about your mom. She was so beautiful in the photos you shared Sue. I am so sorry she is having so many health problems. I keep hoping things will be better for her. I knew she was needing you because of her health and I know so well what you are going through. Our mom was very ill and we sisters took turns for a long time to care for her. She was just like your mom, full of energy, and loved to do so many things. It is so hard to see them suffer with their loss of independence. Don't worry about blogging, just be there for your mom just like you have been doing. You are right, we are what we are because of the love and guidance our moms gave us.
    Blessings and love to you and your family Sue.

  7. Like mother,like daughter. She is a beautiful woman. I bet she is thinking how lucky she is to have such a loving and supportive daughter. We were here waiting for you to come back, and we will be waiting for you to come back when you leave again.
    I love all the old photographs. I have a bunch of my own family's too~ Hugs!!~Ames

  8. Anonymous7/20/2011

    Sweet Sista Sue,
    Thank you for this beautiful post of our precious Mother. The picture of her on the porch holding you is so perfectly sweet.
    I love you!

  9. Hi! I will pray for your Mom! The beautiful vintage pictures of the family members are my absolute favorites to look at! I truly revere that generation. hugs, K

  10. Oh, Sue. I'll say some prayers for your mama. I wondered if you were away, helping and supporting.

  11. I know I haven't been around much either, but I do want you to know that you and your family have remained in my prayers.♥


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