Wednesday FotoFocus....Spring Bouquet

Photos by CollectInTexasGal
(All rights reserved)
Photo Effects by BeFunky


  1. What a beautiful bouquet. Love all the bright colors.

  2. Hello,

    Love the colours and I would be very tempted of preserving them...for later use...

    ~ Gabriela ~

  3. Bring on the sunshine! Snowstorm here today so it's great to see all the lovely colors of spring. Thanks from WI.....send warmth.

  4. Pretty flowers! Its a rainy day here so this brightened me up!

  5. Beautiful photos of beautiful flowers!

  6. Beautiful spring flowers. Thanks for brightening my day. Anxious to see that spring flower quilt you mentioned.

  7. I love Maxine on your sidebar! She's hilarious!

  8. Beautiful Spring arrangements. They always add so much life to the inside of our homes. I need to plant just a cutting garden. Thanks for coming by Rednesday and leaving a comment, I always appreciate it.

  9. Sue, the flowers are gorgeous, and I love your photo effects.

    Great job.

  10. Hi Sue, I can't believe I missed theses wonderful posts. My cousin Marilyn and her hubs have been here for a week and the days have whizzed by. Plus they do not have a computer, so I feel guilty sitting and visiting. They haven't a clue as to how important my visiting is each day. Sigh! They are leaving on Monday. This has been the year of the cousins so far. Bob, Pat and Marilyn and not short visits. I do love them dearly and enjoy their company. I'm not complaining, well maybe a bit!!! HA!

    I have to cover all four posts here. I love your pink gloves and photo of you with your little grand. The pups are so cute and you catching some rays. Finding time to relax, is something I must do. Love the garden pics and last the flowers in your last post. You have magic with your camera.

    Love you too you lucky Texan. Smile!

  11. aaahhhhh.....Come on Spring! (It's snowing here.)


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