Grungie Pink Gloves...It's All I Got for Pink Saturday!

Pink is in short supply around here these days. 
These days ... being the ones before the Four Bush Rose Garden starts blooming,
 and the days the only pink around are my Grungie Garden Gloves.

However, the Grungie Garden Gloves were a good opener for this Pink Saturday Post, and will have to do until I have some of these....

...and it won't be long now. 
 I noticed yesterday the Rose Bushes are putting on their Lucky March Green.
I hope that means that they will be popping out Pretty Pink Roses in April and May! 

Until then it's back to the GGG's and my March Gardening. 
I know it's a teeny bit early....even in Texas where the last few weeks, the sun has blessed us with 70 and 80 degree days.
I don't mean to be mean to those of you who are still covered in SNOW!
Let's just say...

 I am  Lucky Enough...just look who came to help with the Tomato Planting!

My own Little Leprechaun....I am a Lucky Texas Gal!
Happy Pink Saturday!
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Beverly's How Sweet The Sound
for Lots of Pretty Pinks on the
As Always, Thanks Beverly, for making Saturdays Pink!


  1. Now that is the cutest garden helper ever !
    ..and I love your pink work gloves.
    We are having great weather in Georgia too ..
    happy Pink Saturday!

  2. How fun to be planting tomatoes already! Yep, that is lucky-enjoy:@)

  3. Oh, how sweet! I love that little tomato planter! Speaking of gardening gloves, I found two pair outside yesterday when I was planting my tree pots. Must wash them, but first HOSE them off. There may be spiders lurking inside!

  4. adorable little helper...aren't we lucky to live in Texas...except it's cold this morning...come back warm weather...

  5. Love your helper:-) did you see they are saying that pink is the new red. Well, I love pink so it does not matter to me what is the newest thing. I will always use pink somewhere.

    Enjoy your day!!!

    Happy Pink Saturday
    Warm Wishes, CindyLew

  6. And he is about the CUTEST little leprechaun I've ever seen!

  7. The sweetest picture was the last one. Love that your tomatoes already have blooms on them. Happy Pink saturday.

  8. You are very lucky with your helper! Today I'm wishing I lived in Texas!

  9. We have no blooms, we have no warm dirt!!!! Your little helper is the cutest--love your pink gloves.

  10. Anonymous3/05/2011

    I LOVE your pink gloves. I bought pink gloves to put it my sister's Easter bags that I give them for the season. And I adore that photo of you and the little one. You look like a young girl sitting there in the garden and speaking of garden, I CANNOT believe you are planting your tomatoes already! Mine won't get planted until May 1. Happy Pink Saturday xoxo Lynn

  11. Hi
    I love those gloves and that adorable baby. We are so blessed. About your dish rag post!!! I started a knitting class. I was a self-taught knitter in the 60's, but I have rejoined the troups of new knitters. I wanted to share with about my dish rags. I love to knit them. They go fast and I'm learning to yo with my eyes closed. The best thing is I love to use my dish rag. It's amazing. You are an inspiration to me.

  12. Everyone needs a sweet garden helper like that! Lucky you.

  13. What an adorable helper! Love the Pink garden gloves..I am so jealous it looks so beautiful and warm in Texas. Enjoy and Happy Pink Saturday. Grace xoox

  14. You are a lucky gal to have such a good lil helper. Say, I am wondering if it's too late to transplant a rose bush from a spot where it's not doing so well?~Ames

  15. Cute helper! did he make you any mudpies?

  16. Sue, love the sign. Yes, we are lucky to live in Texas. ;-)
    Pruned my roses and they are happy! ~ sarah

  17. Oh lucky you! That is the cutest leprechaun and he gardens too!! I have a big leprechaun who gardens. My hubby changes into a leprechaun once a year for the St Patty's day parade.
    We don't have any snow. They promised us some last weekend but we didn't get even one tiny flake. Haven't had any in twelve years!!
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  18. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Isn't it great that they now make gardening gloves in nice colours?

    ~ Gabriela ~

  19. Sue you are lucky enough,,, I am so jealous, planting tomatoes,,,, the snow is finally melting here,,,lol wit warmer days coming soon.... your little helper is so cute, he looks like he is have a fun time... and I love your grungy pink gloves, I have a pair too..... have a great week.


  20. Happy sweet and sugary Pink Saturday...God Bless you and keep you this week...

  21. Happy Pink Saturday, sweet Sue - and your adorable leprechaun.♥

    Those GGG are looking pink and pretty to me. They are the forerunner of lots of pretty pinks.


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