Sparrows To Swans...My Swoon Booth

Who wouldn't Swoon over this beautiful Hull Swan Vase?
I sure did, so I snatched it for this Photo to Show Off my JunkTique Booth Re-Doeth!
(forgive me Ya'll...I wanted it to sound poetic)

Some of You have asked where I store all the dishes I collect. 
Many of you have wondered I'm sure why I collect such a variety of Stuff. 
And a bunch of you have coveted some of my Thrifin' Finds!
Yep, I'm talkin' about you, Linda at A La Carte'.
Linda is the Junkin' Finding Queen.....next to her I'm just a Princess Junker!

I bet you are thinkin'...Good Grief, Sue's got a thing for Birds!
I really don't, but they do seem to be a Hot Bloggin' Topic here on CITexas Gal since the Birdie B&B opened.

Ya'll already know I DO have a Thing for Quilts!
I have sooooo many that I'm trying to Sell Some
along with the Baby Crib that my BigBoy Grandson out grew several months ago. 
You see I bought it at a Thrift Shop and now it's in my JunkTique Shop
My Booth is called Pastimes.

Just about everything here is Past It's Time in my Collections, so it's time to Pass It On!
Please....somebody buy this Silk Plant...I'm ready to Pass It On for a mere $20.

All those dishes I collect!!!  Some of them end up here!  More of them need to end up here!
I love my dishes!  I think I may take these back home! 
Okay HiHoney?
(he just rolls his eyes)

I hope you have enjoyed this Virtual Tour of my JunkTique Booth!
If you would like a Shot of Reality Tour you can find me at
American British Antiques
San Angelo, Texas
As far as I know, there are no British Antique Dealers there,
 but I have seen quite alot of Texans who claim to have some of the Queens Stuff!
And I'm not talkin' about Junkin' Queen Linda!
Be sure and stop by Linda's Blog... A La Carte.
She's got the Stuff and an ETSY Shop!


  1. I love Linda - she is, indeed, the expert - but you are getting there! I didn't realize that you have a booth, but now it all makes sense!

  2. You got your own shop, my husband won't let me.

    Just this weekend, I had some brochures sent to me from the blind foundation about eye puppies. I decided it is great for school, and left it on my corner of the dining table.

    Guess where I found them?

  3. I'll have to stop in your booth if I'm ever out your way. I still think you are a smart and talented "multifaceted" woman. You do a little of everything. Quilt, knit, thrift, collect,sell, photography and travel among a few things. I wish I had your energy.

    I am sorry to see Linda go, but after just having a new grandaughter I certainly understand why. Hugs!~Ames

  4. And I forgot Cook! :)~Ames

  5. Love the booth....wish I was closer so I could visit!!!

  6. I would so love to shop in that booth. Lovely.

  7. Love the booth. Would love to visit sometime. I'm just catching up on blogs. My computer crashed and I'm just getting back up to speed in blogland.

    Off the check more posts.

  8. what treasures you have...love the Angel...

  9. You have some great treasures. Anne


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