Catchin' Some Rays...

Although windy, it is a Sunny Day here in West Texas.
We are all so happy to be Catchin' Some Rays!
After wintering in the Sewing Studio with a little light and very little heat,
 my Jade Plant is soaking up the sun!
Red tipped leaves of the Rose Bushes are turning Green with the warmth of the sun!
I can hardly wait for the Buds to start popping out!
Like I said....we are ALL enjoying Catchin' Some Rays!


  1. Looks lovely there. We have sun here today but a bit cool. I've only been able to master dishcloths in my knitting progression so far. What you're making looks good.

  2. Adorable dogs Sue! I wish I had some time to sit and sun. I need it too! Doc says my "D" level is low. But unfortunately I am in the middle of Taxes. :(
    You know what I read inside of a Dove candy wrapper? ...Let Your Face Feel The Sun. ...Honest Injun I did! You been eat'in chocolate???:) ~Ames

  3. You all look content and happy with the warmth of the sun on your faces. Enjoy!

  4. Sue,

    Glad you are sitting and knitting! We had the door open today and the fresh air was wonderful. It has been too cool most days (believe it or not) to keep the house open all day. Soon it will be too hot....


  5. I just love your pictures today. Especially you enjoying the sun! What are you knitting? I love Jade plants and have not had one in a good while. Hugs, K

  6. Enjoy the sun!
    (I find it too warm to knit outside)

  7. Ohhh, those pups are just sooo cute!! what a pretty color they are!! How I love jade plants I guess you already know this... you can pinch oof a leaf and just stick it in the dirt and another plant will grow... just like that!

    Happy Sunny Day I look forward to a day like that soon.

  8. I envy your sunshine. We're under a tornado watch...Not Good!!!

  9. Looks like a nice day Sue-enjoy:@)

  10. You look like you are enjoying the sunshine. We had windy weather yesterday but not so bad today. We have outdoor plans later this week and the highs are supposed to be 80s. Great spring training weather. Our little dog also loves to sit in the sun.


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