Lovey Dovey at The Birdie B&B

It was a Lovey Dovey Weddin' at the Birdie B&B yesterday!
The Lovey Dovey Couple exchanged Pecks on the Fence while the
Sparrow of Honor watched with envy and the Best Sparrow just turned His TailFeathers.

Father and Mother of the Bride and Ex-Boyfriend.

Father and Mother of the Groom.  Mother's tail feathers are all in a ruffle.  She thought he could do better!

The Weddin' was 'On Again and Off Again' when finally the Groom arrived late...
 Lovey Dovey Bride said, "Where were you? I was worried sick."
The Groom..."It was such nice day, I decided to walk."

Guests in the Balcony...swappin' BadBird Jokes.
What is green and pecks on trees ? Woody Wood Pickle !
What's got six legs and can fly long distances ? Three swallows !

Weddin' Crasher....because....
Q: What is a crowbar? A: A place were crows go to get a drink!
(one overheard from the Guests in the Balcony)

The Groom and the BestBirdman talkin' after the ceremony...
 "Now look here, I know you are always sittin' here sticking your beak in, so when me and my new wife start getting ready to leave from the wedding I want you to turn round and and no matter what you hear I do not want you to turn back or I'll break your neck, do you understand?"

The BestBirdman reluctantly agrees. After the wedding the BBM turns round as instructed, and behind him the bride and groom start to pack for the honeymoon. The wife however has packed too much and they can't get the case closed.

"Get on top and sit on it baby!"
 Says the Groom to the Bride who does so and grunts and moans but can't shut the case.

"You get on top baby it might be better"
 Says the wife, so he grunts and groans and tries his best but still can't shut the case.

After a little thought the Goom says
 "Ok we'll both get on top see if that's any better!"

The BestBirdman turns round and says
 "Neck or no neck I have to see this!"


  1. what a lovely wedding...you crack me up..

  2. I really needed this fun wedding on a rainy Sunday morning! hugs, Linda

  3. This needs to be in one of those glossy, expensive and over-the-top wedding magazines!

  4. Thanks for the smiles and fun!


  5. You have some patience to get all those photos and really crack me up with your story. Too cute.

  6. You are so sweet and smiling. Anne


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