Saving The Card To Save The Date

When it comes to spiral bound calendar/note books, I have to confess to saving them long after the dates have expired, the events have happened and the year has passed into a distant memory.  Every year about this time, I break out a New Year Spiral and FILE...another file thing...the old one.  There I've finally said it..."In with the NEW and out with the OLD".  That was hard because, it goes against my grain to 'OUT the OLD'.  I depend on the Old Spiral as a memory tool and to pay forward those dates that do not change from one year to the next. 
Like today!
On this day in 1946 my parents were married. 
On this day in 1971 they celebrated their Silver '25th Wedding Anniversary and received this signed card by their five children.  Remember...mother was a saver, too!
On this day in 2015 I received a 'Save the Date' card from my parents' second oldest Grandson.
It must be Kismet!
I am a believer in Kismet...read about my parents Kismet Anniversary HERE.
It is the way I explain finding the Silver Anniversary Card today while preparing to work on Mother's Scrapbook.  It is the way I rule out coincidence.  It is why I depend on the Old to Renew the New.  It is why I am on my way to buy my 2015 Spiral Bound Calendar/Note Book.
Special way to announce wedding date.
It's another Kismet Save the Date Event.
The card reads...
This comes with happy thoughts of you.
Because it's plain to see you're such a nice example
Of what couples ought to be,
And sending you this greeting is a warm and special way
Of wishing you both happiness on your Silver Wedding Day!
Happy Heavenly Kismet Anniversary Mom and Dad.
Congratulations Chase and Jessica...I am Saving the Date!


Wendy said...

I have a friend who used her spiral bound calendars to record all her babies' "firsts" as well as funny things they said or did. She said it was more convenient than dragging out the baby book. Anyway, it was a great idea that I wish I had thought of.

Sue McPeak said...

That was a good idea and easier than carrying around Baby Books. My mother kept all kinds of records in a 3x4 blue notebook that you could add pages to. I was amazed to read her entries from 1970 through 2013 which included every years Super bowl and World Series champions. This blog and my genealogy blogs are my 'Blue Books'.


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