Cross Stitch Sampler...Meant For Me

Cross Stitch makes me cross eyed!  Cross Stitch counting makes me crazy!
Cross Stitching is time consuming!

I collect Cross Stitched Samplers!
Done by someone else...anyone else...definitely not by me!

Just look at all those tiny little x's.  Do you know how many strands of embroidery thread it takes to make stitches that small?  TWO!!

Two strands separated from a skein of six.  That alone makes me crazy!

I suppose there is a good explanation why this beautifully stitched, and professionally framed Alphabet Sampler ended up at the Salvation Army Thrift Store, but for the life of me, I can not imagine ever, ever, ever not keeping this incredible piece of needlework as a 'Family Heirloom'.   With that said, I am happy to add it to my collection and sometime soon will find a great aunt with the initals J.F.   Bless her heart...she must have had the cross stitching patience of Job and a believer in age old symbolism. 
Are you as curious as I am about why J.F. used the characters and symbols stitched in this sampler?  Do you have any ideas about the event it may represent?
Did you know that every stitch in a Sampler can be personally and historically significant?
Maybe after a bit of research, I will have some answers to these questions.  I'll let you know!
One question remains and we will probably never know...
How did it end up in a Thrift Store with a sticker price of $4.99?
My best guess...it was meant for ME.


  1. That is a beautiful sampler, and a shame that some family let it go - except, of course, that it then went to you, someone who will appreciate all that hard work. I can't imagine doing that or tatting or lacemaking. Way beyond my patience level. lol Sure glad you got it. It's lovely!

    1. It is hard to believe, but probably someone unknowing about it's history and maker had to make a choice to keep it or let it go. Happens all the time in Estate Sales and in downsizing. I'm glad to have it and you are right...I appreciate it.

  2. I think I tried cross stitch once and it made me cross. Far too tedious for these fumble fingers. I have some very nice cross stitch given to me by friends, and we also have one made by Ray's grandmother - so it's quite old. I appreciate the patience in the work.

    1. Funny...it makes me more than cross...good one. It is as you say...we need those of us who appreciate others fine work.

  3. I'm always amazed at how someone could just discard these lovely works of art. Probably had no idea of the hours that went into making something so special. I'm thinking it is probably Pennsylvania Dutch. I made a Shaker one for my son and DIL. It had some similar images.

    1. I too think it has a Pennsylvania Dutch feel with the girl and the windmill. I know the girl symbolizes love, marriage and fertility. Just off the top, I think it was a wedding gift to someone who married in 1983. That sure opens up the story to a number of speculations.


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