Family History Revealed In 1919 Newspaper

As it often happens in a Family's History, memorable stories of incredible historical significance are forgotten or lost in the telling from one generation to the next.  The story may have been of such a magnitude that an entire community, county and state would have known and spoke of it for years.  How could such a story be lost to the descendants of one family tree and its branches? 
I suppose there are some who have kept the story alive in the branches closest to their community, county and state.  I hope so.  For me, being a long way from Georgia...learning about my Georgia Ancestors has been a venture into Ancestry.com and Genealogy Search & Family History Records- Genealogy Bank and others.
It was in Genealogy Bank's Historical Newspaper records I found an incredibly tragic article about my Great Aunt's son.  I copied and recorded the article, it's date and publishing newspaper in unbelieveable surprise and sadness.  What a surprise to not have some knowledge of this event in our family history and sadness for the trauma and devastation it must have been for my Great Aunt and her family.  
I continued the search in the same publication hoping to find a follow up article with more information.  After an hour or so of clicking, sizing, and scrolling through dozens of articles containing the family name...I found three. 
You are cordially invited to a Celebration of Life Tea
in honor of our Soldier Son Silas.
Mapleton Community Center
Thursday March 6, 1919
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bj said...

Absolutely AWESOME....love this post.

bj said...

I just linked to follow you thru Google Friends Connect. :)

Sue McPeak said...

Thanks BJ...it is so amazing to find stories like this. I think I would have written about it even if it had not been about my Family. Thanks for visiting and for following through Google Friends Connect.

Ann Hinds said...

Wow, what an interesting story. I haven't searched newspapers but since I am doing the Genealogy Do-Over it has been added as part of my search for each person. It's nice to see that research pays off and gives me hope.

Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, dear Sue. I love seeing your smiling face here every week.

You know I always love your family stories. And, I can imagine how thrilled this your fellow's family was to hear from him. Oh, the joy and relief.

I hope to do another post this week about my grandmother, Essie Maude. I have a few fun stories to tell about her.

Sue McPeak said...

I was hesitant to pay a fee for research, but doing so in Genealogy Bank was so worth it. It sure beats the old fashion way of scrolling through microfiche...I would still love to go to Atlanta...maybe one day. Now would be good with gas prices down. The other worth it fee is for ancestry.com.

Sue McPeak said...

It is a moving story, and my reaction was like yours...joy and relief. I look forward to your stories about Essie.

Pom Pom said...

How fascinating! I bet you come upon this sort of info often!

Sue McPeak said...

Yes, even if it wasn't about my family, it would have been a fascinating story. I have found some very interesting information about family members in these historical newspapers. I have one more World War I article to share later.

Jeanne said...

Hello Sue, This family story is so interesting. If I read it right, Silas was not killed and eventually came home. It is amazing how he was listed as a casualty. I have told Beverly I couldn't possibly have the patience to do what she does about finding all about her ancestors. I do have a history of my grandfather's family who arrived in America in the early 1700 hundreds from Bavaria. There are records of our family fighting in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. I can understand your interest in The Sons of Liberty. BTW, if you ever go to Atlanta you must let me know. It is not that far from our home in Western NC. I would love to meet you.

Have a great week and after reading your previous post...lay off the knitting and crocheting for a while. Smile.

xo, Jeanne

Joanne said...

a happy ending. That's quite a tale

Sue McPeak said...

It does take a lot of time and effort to research a family tree. Sounds like you have some interesting ancestors, too. I surely will look you up if ever Atlanta is a destination. I do hope so.

Sue McPeak said...

Thankfully, this story had a happy ending for my great aunt and her son. Not always the case in times of war.


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