All A-Pinterest-Board...NewSchool Blog Tips for OldSchoolers

I may be an OldSchooler...but...I am willing to Step Up to NewSchool Blogging...

It's easy to see how much of an 'Old School Blogger' I am.  Just take a gander at my Archives on the Sidebar.  Yep, started in August 2009 when all I knew about blogging was that it was a place on the world wide web where anybody in the whole wide world via their personal computer (no smart phone then) could share information, mostly useless ramblings about themselves (speaking primarily of this blogger) with other people known as Bloggers, who also share their ramblings and then want lots more Bloggers who Blog to comment on their Blog (no Facebook, Twitter, etc. then)  (fyi...that was a ramble)

Although, I didn't understand much about the technology of blogging, I was pretty sure I could hang with blogging in general...I 'kan tipe' and rite.  It did not bother me that I didn't know all there was to know about the technology as I am a 'Stepper'...one who self teaches one step at a time. 

I learned quickly that what I typed was sent somewhere in outer space via those WonderWhereWireless wires to the WonderWhereWeb which spun off to other bloggers PC's via their Secret Code that only they and their InterNet Provider knew...wrong...unfortunately I learned the hard way that the provider could not keep a secret.

That did not deter me...no siree...I stuck with it and turned CollectInTexasGal into a blog that changed the face of blogging as many knew it....change being the keyword.  Over the six years or so, this blog has had kabillions, thousands, hundreds of Headers.  What can I say, I am a graphic artist with Windows 7 Photo Gallery and Paint programs. 

I am known throughout Blogland for my Spinning Sidebars and Photo Slideshows.  I have a personal relationship with the tech guys at blogger...we correspond often through error codes.  I feel sure they dropped the 'Google Reader' thingy due to my reliability on it (GReader) to go through my list of blogs and ramble comment quickly....I still don't get that one, guys! (another ramble)

Somethings will probably not CHANGE...changing headers...perhaps not hundreds of times.  Things that have changed and will change are from 'Tips' I have Pinned to my Pinterest Board 'Blogging & Writing'.  Here's one I learned on How To Add Titles and Alternate Text to your images. 
Ready?  Hover your mouse/cursor over the photo above. 
See the Photo title 'New School Blog Tips'? 
Being able to add titles and text to your photos makes them SEO-able!
What's SEO?  Glad you asked!  Here's the link to CollectInTexas Gal's Pinterest Board..answer there.
Thanks for checking it out and many more thanks for RePinning and Following.  You have SEO'ed MY board and blog and YOURS, too.  Oh, okay, I'll tell you what SEO is, but be sure and click on 'The New Face of SEO' and see the comparison of Old and New.
Search Engine Optimization 
I'm All A-Pinterest-Board with the New School Blog Tipsters
One foot in the Old School and one foot testing out the New!


Joanne said...

wow - I just learned a ton from you and my head might explode. I am so old, old school, but I try new stuff and am always prepared to scream as stuff zooms to a cloud (of doom). We'll shall see if I can step up my game. You are a leader

Sue McPeak said...

I know...there is so much out there that is 'Stepping Up' the game for bloggers. I am one who happens to like changing...obviously...I get bored with same ole same ole. I do kind of keep one foot in the Old School door though. Some things just need to stay the same. Holler...or scream...if I can help.


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