Confessions of A Slacker...But I'm Cool

It isn't often I confess to being a 'Slacker'...on the contrary, I'm usually breaking my arm patting myself on the back for all the OverDoing I Do.  I started off the year with intentions of not overdoing, but just keeping a steady pace of posting everyday...I actually said whispered that HERE.   I've been surprised that I've had something to say daily...until today.  Well, actually it was a couple of days ago that I missed posting...twice...now I'm behind two posts.  Do you think having another birthday is a good excuse for not being able to keep up with the numbers?  I do....so I'm gonna go with that!
I am usually a morning poster, but for the last few weeks with TV being such as it is...reruns already of the few shows I watch...I'm here wondering what to post about...like now.  You might say...I'm At Wit's End!

And you would be right.  I have been on a quest to collect Erma's out of publication books.  I found these two at Goodwill.  Believe me it took a good amount of will to find them in their un-cataloged catastrophic collection.

My next foray for her funny books is going to be on Amazon.   Their alphabetizing and search box will be better Goodwill hunting, and as far as I know...there is only one Erma Bombeck...that narrows it down.  Speaking of Amazon...have you noticed the Amazon Ad recommendations I've been making for products, books and other stuff I blog about?  I've been an Associate Member for several years....it's kind of cool to be able to point you in a direction that you might find interesting.  Amazon and Ad Sense are part of making my Blog more productive without overdoing it.  Hope that's working for you, too.

Okay...good talk.  I'm Cooool! 
Seriously I'm cool...it's January and it's suppose to SNOW...in TEXAS...tonight!
I'm gonna need those shades...Thanks Sista!


Joanne said...

you are cool and far from a slacker. If you want slackin' come visit me. No snow here, just an inch of rain yesterday which is good. Today is sunny and the wind is whipping. Have a great weekend

Carla said...

You are entitled to a life of birthday parties and whatever. We'll still be here waiting for the next post.
I'm ready for some sunshine in my part of texas. Rainy or just gloomy. I hear next weekend is suppose to be beautiful.
Sure hope so.


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