My PlanAhead Planner...Plus Improved Paperclips

From Day One , I've had a plan on How I Plan To Do Everything In 2015Here it is Day 10 and I am in 'Shock and Awe'...I am actually doing what I planned.  Thumbs Up, please.

Before I break my arm patting myself on the back, you should know that I've had HELP!  In the form of a PlanAHead monthly/Weekly Planner book.

Now before you say, 'Aw, that's no biggie'...let me 'wax poetic' about the New School Updates of the 2015 calendar.
The 2015 PlanAheader truly plans for the 21st Century Hi-Tech user.
Yes, it has the usual Tabs, Calendars, References, Holidays and so forth.  The 2015 PlanAheader truly plans for the 21st Century Hi-Tech user.  Yep, it plans for your credit cards to get hacked with a section for your Lost/Hacked Card's info and number to call when it happens.  Right after that it has your Accountants info and phone number, and right after that....your Lawyer's info.  How great is that!!! 

In addition there is a section for all of your 'Household' important numbers like Electricity, Water, Trash and your Alarm System provider who you would only be able to call from your Smart Phone in the event the electricity goes out or get's shut off or heaven forbid, there is a gas leak...in which case you would want to make a note not to use your Smart Phone near the gas leak for fear of setting off a chain reaction of events that would involve your Emergency numbers, Insurance contacts, Mortgage carrier, SS Disability Counselor, and LAWYER.  KEEP your PlanAHeader on your person at all times!  (fyi...that was another blogger ramble...explanation HERE).

I'm not finished waxing...there's more.  Get this...the 'Address Section' no longer refers to your family members as family.  They are 'CONTACTS' with spaces for their CELL and EMAIL.  I have to LOL at this as it reminded me of the entry I would have had to enter for my Mother's cell phone...CELL PURSE.

And finally the last Wax Job...pages for your WEBSITES with Login...Password and Notes. 

Hmmmm, I hesitate to wax very poetic about this feature.  I'll let you decide if in the event the electricity goes off, your Security Alarmist is not alarmed, your book is burglarized, or you drop dead from the thought that all of your Logins and Passwords are recorded in your PlanAHeader and you either forgot where you hid it from yourself or it's open on your desk for easy access for Who,What, When and Where you Plan To Do Everything In 2015....you decide if you want to fill in that section.  (fyi...that was mega-ramble).

Really...how do they think of a better paper clip? So, I'm pretty pumped about my 2015 PlanAHeader, and even though not much is going on in January, I have made a big deal note about the 20th with my New School Tabbed Paper clips.  I just love NewSchool/NewOffice supplies.  Really...how do they think of a 'better paper clip'?

If you haven't gotten your 2015 PlanAHead Calendar/Everything Book, you might want to take a look at one I found on Amazon.  It's a Mega Planner, and if I were still a Teacher, it's the one I would love to fill in.  I'm thinking seriously about it for 2016 just because it's so cool and I plan to be Wiser.



Beverly said...

I am bowing down to your most wiseness self. Of course, I have to wonder if I am bowing down or doubled over in laughter. Girl, you always make me laugh. We definitely live in a changed and constantly changing world. I am just going along for the ride while trying to enjoy my enhanced life. lol

Happy Pink Saturday, most wise one.♥

Tea in the Library said...

Well. You are obviously an optimist. I am interest to see how you use this lovely planner. I use mine as a paper weight. Happy Pink Saturday.

Ann said...

Well it's a great start and I PLAN on you keeping it up all year.!!! I am more organized in the last few years and I'm honing my skills in 2015. Do you have any big vacation plans this year? Don't forget to PLAN on fun time.

Sue McPeak said...

Yes, it is constantly changing and if you get caught standing still you take the chance of getting doubled over...and I don't mean with laughter...although that would be a good way to go. Happy Pink Saturday.

Sue McPeak said...

Yes, my glass is always half full no matter how much I drink. You do realize that it's EARLY in this PlanAheader, and there is more than a good chance it could end up like yours or as a Book End. Thanks for stopping by.

Sue McPeak said...

Vacation? What's that...LOL! I find that a spur of the moment get a way works best for me. Sure as I try to plan it turns into 'OverPlan' and then it becomes NOT FUN!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Sue, you lost me at hi-tech, LOL. My friend wants to teach me how to put "everything" on my smart phone and I ain't gonna do it! I prefer paper and pen and when my smart phone contract is finished, I'm going to buy a Jitterbug...all I want a phone to do is make a phone call...which terrifies my friend.
I do enjoy learning about planners and love finding the perfect one; looks like yours is perfect for you!

Sue McPeak said...

LOL...my son use to tell me, "Mom, you have to plug it in for it to turn on...just put it back in the box". And that was before wireless...really, I don't know where they get wireless when it doesn't work either unless its wires are plugged in. My husband wants his flip phone back and when his contract is over he's getting it back....he'd like the jitterbug, too.

Cranberry Morning said...

I love organization like this. Unfortunately, January seems to always catch me off guard, so I'm never really ready to do anything remotely like this until February. Besides, I have to look at the dozen seed catalogs that came in the mail. But I'm admiring your organization. Good job!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

I don't think i will ever be on track until I retire some day! Many moons from now. Good for you accomplishing your goals!

Jeanne said...

Hello Sue, I can only say I have been just as neglectful in 2014 and it is a delight to see you are ready to be organized in 2015. Me too. I need to look at the PlanAHeader thingy for sure. I still have time to do this. Don't I??? Smile. I am inspired after reading your post.
Stay warm and keep on planning.


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