2015 'Best Laid Plans' In Review...continued

JULY thru DECEMBER and a post Post Script

JULY ~ Flag Fabrics Fly Proudly in Fashion
For those of you are Fabric Junkies, you probably notice that fabric follows what is 'Trending', as they say in the social media world.   For instance when there is an event that triggers a wave of 'Patriotic Passion', it is quickly reflected throughout just about every commercial avenue imaginable.
I will always be a 'Piecemaker' whether it be for Quilts or Fashion!

AUGUST ~ Pedal To The Medal Machine Embroidery
I do so love and appreciate hand quilting and hand embroidery, and I have done quite a lot of both in the years of being a needle and thread enthusiast.  However, I have an affliction I call FastFinishItist that often results in hand done not getting done...sometimes for years!

SEPTEMBER ~ Loom Dream Come True
Conservative is how I am going to describe my immersion into the art of weaving.   It isn't that I haven't any experience with weaving...I did a few classes in college and I taught basic weaving to my students while teaching art at the junior high level.
I am now more interested in the weaving of my pioneer ancestors.  They were weavers of cloth for home and hearth.

OCTOBER ~ YarnARama..Circle Crochet Chaos
It is organized chaos around my Nesting TV Chair.  It's been that way for several days...or maybe weeks...I lost track...it's a result of getting an overdose of FiberPsychosis.  It's what happens when I Fiber Multi-Task.  It's how I roll in order to get in a JOB work schedule, to get ready for a SHOW, and watch my favorite evening TV shows. 

NOVEMBER ~ LibbyLuLa Dressed In Rags
When one 'Rag Rug' comes off LibbyLuLa, she doesn't usually sit naked for long. Long being less than a few hours before she is warped up and ready for her next dressing. Not the case since I pulled off a Christmas Table Runner about ten days ago. Does that mean I am losing my looming enthusiasm? I should say not!

DECEMBER ~ Speed Knitting and Fast Crocheting
I am a SLOW Knitter and a FAST Crocheter.  This I know from years of starting knitting projects that about half way through become WIP (works in progress) that seldom make any progress.  They eventually are Un-knitted via the Yarn Winder.  Yikes...all those hours knitting ripped out in minutes.  I truly love the look of knitting....just plain ole knitting which is called 'Stockinette Stitch'.

Post Post Script...Thank-you to everyone who reads CollectInTexas Gal.  I appreciate your visits whether you leave a comment, 'g+1', share on Facebook or pop in from another blog.  Blogland has become an extremely busy and competitive social media entity over the past few years, and that makes your 'Following and Friendship' doubly appreciated.  Thanks again, and Happy New Year!!!

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