Libby LuLa Dressed In Rags

When one 'Rag Rug' comes off LibbyLuLa, she doesn't usually sit naked for long.  Long being less than a few hours before she is warped up and ready for her next dressing.  Not the case since I pulled off a Christmas Table Runner about ten days ago.  Does that mean I am losing my looming enthusiasm?  I should say not!  It's just that I got lured away from the loom by these....
Three to One...that's the count in time spent between twining table centerpieces and crocheting table centerpieces.  Actually it is Four to One...one not photographed yet.  Then there is the time spent standing at the loom vs sitting in the nest.  For this 'on her feet 5 to 6 hours a day at JOB Gal'...nesting is necessary....result...Four to One!
Yesterday morning we had our first frost.  I felt bad about not at least dressing Libby in a warm warp before the cold front hit so to the 'Rag Bag' I went.  I've been thinking about 'Simple Weaving' as a change from Twining and Libby agreed that she is as versatile as I need her to be.
Even if it means being Dressed In Rags!

1 comment:

Joanne said...

nicest "rags" ever and warm too. I'd say she wins on all counts


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